Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Did anyone else see the report in the NY Times about the fundraising disparities between the Republicans and Democrats in New York State?

During the first half of 2009, the Dems heavily out-raised the GOP in levels quite unexpected, considering they once had the most formidable fund-raising operation in Albany.

The piece went on to explain that the money follows the party in power. No-one here is going to shocked to hear that...right?

According to an analysis of donation records by the New York Public Interest Research Group, Senate Democrats raised $6.9 million, Republicans raised just $2.5 million. Remember, this is since the beginning of 2009.

The most dramatic shift in support came from the labor unions.
I pulled this chunk right from the article:

One of the most telling shifts involves the powerful state health care union, 1199 S.E.I.U. United Healthcare Workers East. Despite its downstate base and largely black membership, the union was for years a staunch and important ally of Senate Republicans, who guarded the union’s legislative interests. In the first half of 2007, the union donated $436,200 to Senate Republicans. In the first six months of 2009, it gave nothing.

What's even more telling, even Bloomberg hasn't bothered to write them a check this year. That has to hurt, since the GOP's message has been New York was better when we controlled the Senate. Their plan is to take it back next year. Just who is going to bankroll their skirmish?


Anonymous said...

Not surprising at all. More money means more political favors to pay back.

Anonymous said...

Would LOVE to see who is giving Mike Hein money too ! something stinks on the 6th floor & it aint the men's room, folks.

Special Interests ain't just a D.C. / Albany disease.

Anonymous said...

Check out Sottile/Noble war chest anything their.

Anonymous said...

I hear the unions are not backing Sottile/Noble that much anymore. The boat ride was empty and there was only one this year.

It seems the unions are smarter now and want proof first then campaign contributions later.

Anonymous said...

Yep, taking the special interest out of politics alright. Didn't Acorn Boy promise that? PS, you are going to need every dime, Paterson and the liberal loonies at Albany are the laughing stock of the entire country. And Massa is toast.