Sunday, June 07, 2009


So, I found a news article about that topless coffee shop in Maine. Remember the posting I did on it quite a while ago? Well the coffee shop is no more.

It seems a few of the local town folk decided to eradicate the business by burning the building to the ground.

Many of you who saw the post on here told me recently that had Muddy Cup gone topless, it would still be in business. Of course it was in jest. 96% of their regular customers would have found another place to get coffee.

Point of the article is that who ever did the arson job didn't consider that the home attached to the business had people in it. Yes they got out without harm, but wow, what a dangerous way to shut down a business.

The owner says he plans to have clothed waitresses collect donations in the parking lot to raise money to rebuild. Under town zoning rules, Donald Crabtree would need a new permit to start operating his business in a different temporary structure.

Crabtree says he had just mentioned the idea of making the business a strip club to a few people and this happens. Go figure. Now there will be 30 employees out looking for work. I wonder if this job will be on their resume?


Anonymous said...

Why wouldn't they put it on thier resumes? They were working - presumably with all of thier papers in order...

It is the (alleged...) arsonist that committed a crime.

I'm not into the nude coffee-shop idea myself, but look at some of the stuff (sex crimes, etc) that some of our top officials have engaged in?

(BTW, did you see some of the S. Palin photos? - Do you know how many Miss America's have gone the porno route - etc?)

On a practical note, the local coffee shop that you had blogged about needs to lower thier rental price expectations...

Coffee - served nude or no - is not going to keep that place (which I loved...) running - at the stated price - during an economic crisis like we have going on right now!

Anonymous said...

96% Mike? Odd number.