Thursday, June 11, 2009


For those of you who still don't have a mobile phone with texting abilities, the issue of banning the act while driving may seem out of the ordinary. Truth is, communication through a text message is quickly becoming the preferred method to speak to friends.

The message is short, to the point and full of personal shorthand, depending on what generation you are in. So naturally, the act can get you or others killed if you are stupid enough to do it while driving.

The Ulster County Legislature voted overwhelmingly to prohibit texting, twitter and Email while driving. OK, did I say twitter? If you have no experience with texting, I wont waste your time explaining Twitter.

Other counties across New York are ether looking at or have passed similar legislation. There had been a tragic accident related to this issue described in detail in the local papers prompting action from municipalities everywhere.

There was resistance to enacting another law that may not be enforced. It is already illegal to use a cell phone while driving and a few legislators pointed out that not only do not take the law seriously but we see our own police officers using the phone while driving.

I had to chuckle when I heard Ken Ronk, from Wallkill say you can read the paper, eat a hamburger and put on make-up while driving but not text or use the phone. The minute Ken said eat a hamburger, Felicello perked up and said "Don't go there!"

Although I agree that the use of your device for texting and other visual communications should be restricted to your passengers, I understand why the few made their point about enforcement.

Lesson; keep your eyes on the road and drive safely. Its your only defence against becoming a twitter statistic.


Anonymous said...

After watching the wife and kids go crazy texting the past year, I finally sent my first and, hopefully, last text this past weekend. Call me a Luddite if you wish, but I just don't get the attaction.

Anonymous said...

Mike: 'nother great topic.

Quoting Ulster County Legislator Frank Dart, "Why would anyone vote against this new law". It should prove interesting as to its enforcement, along with previous legislation against use of cell phones while driving. Next thing they will outlaw arguing with the wife while driving.... oh well.

Summarizing: How can anyone actually text while driving.
Answer: You really can't.


Like our great radio show "Feel Good Friday" another feel good law

My prediction is that like its cell phone predecessor- this too will not be enforced.

just my three centavo's
Shelly Z
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Anonymous said...

Hey Mike, how come
cahill beat you on your own announcment that your abanding your ward and running for the seat held by Dart and Provennzo. Its a strange move if its true.

Anonymous said...

Good luck, I have been waiting for a Democratic alternative to these two do nothings. Dart screwed up the whole jail lawsuit. Jeanette does nothing but complain and cater to the boy wonder Hein.

Time for a change.

Anonymous said...

I hope somebody gets wise to this navigation thing too. You're not allowed to watch TV while driving but it's legal to put this screen on your windsheild right in your field of view? These things are causing a lot of erratic driving.

Anonymous said...

Any such law will be enforced here in "Podunk County"--just not in Suffolk County and particularly the Hamptons and Westchester and so forth where folks there dictate what laws they choose to enforce and the pols like my spineless brother used to(he can't now since he was thrown out of office last Fall, which hopefully signals his last political hurrah as a professional manipulator S.O.B., the S.O.B. part he did on an amateur basis long enough and the professional part came after his advanced science degree, which is yet another wasted intellect that he will also not take any responsibility for as he blamed Obama for his electoral demise after over 35 consecutive years in office...that is absurd however he will not focus on himself no matter WHAT) will ORDER IT not enforced. I am really so happy he is so blatantly silly after all these years(this should be a Simon and Garfunkel title)because in court these things do tend to incriminate a person...
"The rich are different than you and I....they have more...uh, power!!"
The other thing is that cellphones...will eventually cause such an increase in brain cancer rates society will--before we know it, practically--- be SCRAMBLING to react to this. The prelim studies have been done and the association between talking on a cellphone FREQUENTLY over a LONG PERIOD OF TIME DOES increase the risk of developing same tremendously. Don't get caught doing that--if you happen to live through all the accidents you cause texting or taling on a cellphone. You can't use the cellphone AT ALL where you go if that situation turns fatal. If there are any YOUNG PEOPLE reading this--you may choose to laugh, but if you read the scientific literature, you may not be laughing, and you would be wise to cut down on your overall usage for that reason too.

Anonymous said...

Another stupid unnecessary law. Motor vehicle law requires that you be in control of your vehicle at all times. Therefore if you talk on a cell phone, text, put on make up, eat, read the paper, etc, you are in violation and can be charged with wreck less operation of a motor vehicle, which I believe is a E felony. You cannot just plead guilty to this via the mail, you must appear in court, and the fines and penalties are more severe. So by passing this law the legislators are giving people an easy way out with a much lower fine and penalty.