Saturday, June 27, 2009


I had just got notice that our Congressman Maurice Hinchey will be hosting a public forum this Monday at SUNY New Paltz. The focus of the forum is the funding that's available to small-business owners from the federal stimulus package.

The event will be held from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. at the university’s Lecture Center Room 102 at 1 Hawk Drive. Because of the summer class levels, parking should be less of an issue, but get there early anyway.

I always find it odd that such events aimed at helping small business are scheduled for the middle of a work day rather than an evening schedule. Just an observation.


Anonymous said...

Did you hear the Mayor on the radio Friday? He should bring back public access so we could see the pictures he brought in. Did he really think people could see the pictures on radio? No wonder the City of Kingston is in a mess.

Anonymous said...

what is the aim of offering stimulus it going to be a gift to help local businesses or will it be loans that will ultimatly have to payed back at what ever intrest rate is business is strugling to stay competitive and if i had to pay a loan back it would only drive up the rate which i offer my the bottom line is government gets richer off the sweat of my labor.i would have thought GOOD government would have had all this figured out before they tried to sneekily get me to take stimulas aid.all in hopes that i will start know what id rather strugle and not spend ,SAVE my money and stay in business for tommorow.what will government do then,you'll have to show us that mike when and if your able to get to the legislature.with the impending sales tax short fall in the city of kingston for the 2010 budget.i wouldnt want to be alderman either.

Anonymous said...

i heard Hinchey blew off a Rally for Volunteer Firefighters in New Paltz just to go to a "ribbon cutting" @ The Canal House !
He has legislation to aid the Volunteers & chose to cut a ribbon of macaroni @ Novi's restaurant.

Some representative of the people. Bad advice, Mo.

Anonymous said...

How about Sottile ragging on the volunteer fire fighters in Kingston. First the chief makes it so hard to volunteer, then the Mayor sells the firehouses. 7.1 million dollars for the Kingston tax payers 1.7 million for the town of ulster fire fighters. Somethings wrong here in Kingston.

Imre Beke, Jr. said...

Hinchey is a no-talent hack who thinks that simply by listing how much money he "brought" to Ulster County and the 22nd Disctrict, he proves that he should be re-elected.

There are two problems with that theory:

(1) He is doing nothing but buying votes using tax money, and

(2) Far more tax money leaves the District than returns while places like West Virginia get back three times as much as they contribute in taxes.

So, not only is Hinchey trying to bribe us with our own tax dollars, he is really, really bad at doing so.

How about simply cutting Federal taxes and spending by - say - 75% and letting business stimulate themselves with the money they generate? What a novel idea! Recognizing that businesspeople know about a thousand times more about business and economics than Hincheyesque politicians who have never had to actual create and produce something useful in their lives. Who could imagine that something like that could actually work given that private enterprise is what gave us all the progress we've experienced in the entire history of mankind?

Hinchey needs to retire. He was no good in his prime. Now, he's just a pathetic character trying to convince himself and the rest of us that he still matters.

Anonymous said...

7:33-I suggest you put any money you get into going back to finish high school. And for firefighters, they've been really obnoxious and support rightwing whackos. Somethings definitely wrong with these people. Are they getting funny gas in their air tanks or what? I think we need to do some enviromental testing to find out why this particular group is going nuts.

Anonymous said...

What about those wacko fire fighters? Deputy chief in charge of the building department takes a job as a janitor. Too musc gas in the tanks and not enough oxygen.

Anonymous said...

Close the uptown and downtown firehouses and give them to the volunteers. With all the firemen in one building we can eliminate kelly days, overtime, and comp days.

Being 95% of there call are medical they can all come from central and no one will have to worry about responds times. Most fires in the city can be handled with a couple of trucks and if needed the volunteers in the other two firehouses can help out. Also mutual aid comes into play.

Anonymous said...

Mike: A quick statement- not me who wrote about KAPA- but it would be great to be back
Having said that- much headway- another meeting tomorrow at City Hall 7:00PM
now to the Small Business meetings
- tha's the problem- Meetings have to be held in the evening. About a year ago- with much fanfare and not much results- Ulster Tomorrow had a meeting- at SUNY- lots and lots of people- lots of speeches and today- oh well - you see whats happening- a new Business Mgr who's primary action plan is to discuss the Rondout Soap Box Derby- yes a tourist attraction, however, I'll hold back on my comments- as to what they accomplish- We need professionals not retailers who are successful. With the Quadrecentenial under full swing- and the city stores slowly closing shop- you be the judge- Kingston is in dire need of professionals who can not only bring ideas but can venture forth and bring business back to the city. Retail sales that have been slow to nil are going to recover. Maybe it is time for someone to sit down and realize just what type of business can be successful and bring them here. Open solicitation by business professionals who have the record and are interested in helping. Bandaids dont work. The market is slowly recovering and we know the stock market usually signals a move up or down 6 months prior to the move. so here we are. My professional opinion is that we are moving forward and upward.
just my three peso's worth
Shelly W. Z

Anonymous said...


Before you tell someone else to return to high school, you might want to spell check your own work.

Anonymous said...

I guess these funds must be for rich Republicans so they can afford to stay in business another few months so that municipal governments like Kingston can stay in biz. Did you see the Mayor lament that too many people were leaving Kingston? I think it must be his charming personality that also has nothing to do with this.
You can't see photos on the radio? What a shame--we must need improved technology of some sort. What were they of--his recent golfing trip/smoothing over of DPW issues with everyone's pal Mr. Gorsline? Hint:if they did not depict the Mayor's mouth open with a golf ball inside, they are worthless anyway.