Thursday, June 18, 2009


Believe it or not, everything in Albanyland is not lost. It seems the Assembly, at 147-0, has passed the Green Jobs/Green New York Program. Proving that a Bi-Partisan Bill can come to life in our state capital.

The announcement was made by Silver and Kolbe, but the KUDOs go to our own Kevin Cahill [energy chairman] and his ranking member Tom O'Mara for putting this together. I know what youre thinking, it has to get through the Senate. There's still a few minutes before the end of session.

This is basically a retrofit program for homes, small businesses and not-for-profits across the state. The seconsary intent is to help revitalize the economy in an energy-independent and environmentally responsible way. The industry that will create the materials for the Greening of New York, must be located in the region to make this two prong stimulus a success.

Cahill was quoted in the press release: "This program will help revive New York's struggling economy while simultaneously protecting our environment. By switching to more efficient lighting and lighting systems, programming thermostats, plugging air leaks, using ENERGY STAR fixtures such as furnaces and water heaters, reducing water use and installing thermal solar heat or water systems, we can make a solid investment in our future. New York will take positive, proactive steps in carving out a healthy energy future for our communities."

Assemblyman O'Mara then added: "Strengthening New York's economy and protecting our environment are our priorities. The bi-partisan legislation my colleagues and I approved during today's session will grow our economy, create more jobs and promote the important goals of energy conservation and sustainable growth."

Don't you love it when a good plan comes together?

The Common Council was supposed to pass a similar Bill during it's monthly Laws & Rules meeting, but there are elements within the administration that are opposed to such initiatives. The issue was pulled from the Agenda at the request of the Mayor. I'm not sure what the reasons are, but it would have been nice to have Kingston right up front as this fresh emerging industry takes off. We'll see what happens.


Anonymous said...

i guess ole jimmy boy doesnt keep up on state and federal policy in the making.he should be called (jimmy come latly).if what ever policy state and federal government adopt entitles kingston to grants.HELLO.wake up jimmy better hop the train while your able.we need ALL the money we can get 2010 budjet is getting readdy to go to the table and there will be shortfalls what ever can help to eleveiate that burden.lets get-ur-done.

Anonymous said...

i wish you could have seen Mayor Sottile with the Mayors from Russia, like i did. He was stellar !
His charm & charisma worked like a charm & the Mayors asked question after question on the budget, crime, snow removal & other detailed topics common to both countries & the Mayor asnswered every one, no notes, no cue-cards, no aides,, just his immense knowledge of Kingston Gov't. VERY IMPRESSIVE & i am a republican.

So, some of you all should remember he is a very qualified leader you shpould be proud of.
I was just the driver for the Russian Mayors, but Sottile was impressive.

Anonymous said...

I think the Mayor tends to get a bum rap. I agree. Jim is a good leader overall but I wish he'd get a hold of his bungling council. Put them to work as they should. Send them out into their wards on an ongoing basis!