Tuesday, June 09, 2009


So here it is, the day after the Democratic Convention. I expect everyone has read the news by now.

The City Committee, the half who showed up, chose to back one of my many opponents to run for Alderman with their blessing. I say good for them. This, as you know by now, is democracy in action. Everything political starts in committee and develops from there.

It is not the end of the process however. There is little that my friend Andy Zweben can do to stop me from mounting a primary campaign. Andy is backing Mark Halwick as you know.

So I have a long summer of campaigning ahead of me with just a small twist. Petitions will be circulated and the ballot offered in September. With support from the Independence Party, there will be either a two way or three way race in general election come November.

As for the rest of the slate...I say congratulations! Most of the democratic candidates are sure to keep or take seats this year. It will be interesting to see who, if anyone, steps into Ward Nine to help either of us before the primary. For the half of the remaining committee members who voted for me, a sincere thank you for your trust in me and I will put forth my best effort to secure the line.

As for the County Clerks race. Thank you Gilda Ricardi for running. You'll be the first Democratic Woman to hold a county wide position. You're going to do terrific!

Note: I tend to keep my own campaign stuff limited on the blog because there is so much out there bigger than the Common Council. So I will continue to mix it up as I have.


Anonymous said...

Keep the faith Mike, you will win when all is said and done.

Zweben is scum. He and that Woerner are the 2 worst things to happen to Kingston and Ulster in a lifetime. The voters know this and both of them will be out come November. The good guys will win.

Anonymous said...

The old guard is crumbling, trust the people, not the bosses. You're a winner Mike.

Mike Madsen said...

Let me say this...I let this post through to make a point. I need the comments to be a little cleaner.

9:59 - I appreciate the support, but your words must be tempered and reserved.
This Blog (and the comments) reflects on the campaign as well and the openness of the anonymous comments is only worth it when everyone here plays nice. Even if they don't.

Anonymous said...

While I often disagree with you on larger, national issues, when it comes to what is good for the city of Kingston, you are usually right on target.

I simply do not understand why your party is so determined to move you out. Perhaps if I were an insider the reasons, good or bad, would be more clear.

Jeremiah said...

Mike, The committee made the wrong choice for Ward 9. In my opinion you are one of the most open, honest and hard working representatives in local politics.

The voters of your ward know this and step up to support you. They are the ones that count and not small factions trying to set up thier own little kingdoms.

Anonymous said...

Mike: In a discussion with one of our favorite journalists-I joked about the Dem party having the ability to devour its young. He stated that although this is true we have an incredible amount of talent and diversification- so it's a matter of "keeping the faith" and smiling back into the electorate process-
take care and Good luck,
Shelly zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

joe frank said...

Time for you to move up in government. Your work in Ward 9 seems done... Run for Mayor!

Anonymous said...

No mater what you do at this point, you'll have substantial support. Those that worked against you will have to eat crow once the votes are counted.

As far as Zweben goes, his attachment to the kid will be a major plus for you. Don't worry.


Anonymous said...

Mike, why don't you primary Jeanette for the Legislature? She has publicly said that she supports her friend Nina Postupack - not Gilda.

You are the best candidate for this job AND you support Gilda. It's a win win for Democrats.

Anonymous said...

Always gracious, mature, adult and intelligent in response to whatever comes your way.
You should be very proud of yourself and the Party will not go on without you.
Humor and Hope.
Bob Smith

Anonymous said...

I am thinking "Zweben supports the other guy" may be the most effective campaign slogan or message you could come up with.

Your race may be the race that exposes Zweben as a member of the "ultimate insiders club" who is trying to control Kingston and the Town of Ulster all at once.

You have my vote.

Jeanette Provenzano said...

I see 6:03 is still posting BS about me not supporting Gilda Riccardi. Please read Kingston Truth, I addressed, this gossip writing imbecile, not sure if its a Democrat or Republican writing under anonymous. Doesn't have the guts to sign his or her name. I urged Gilda to keep her name in for County Judge. Someone discouraged her from doing that. I gave her my support then and I support her now. Good luck Mike with your upcoming primary. (If you want to primary me that's OK to.)

Brad Benson said...

Sir Mike,

As a Democrat will you support the
Democratic Nominee if you loose in September? I believe Hayes and
Mark have said they would.