Friday, June 12, 2009


And they say what goes on in Kingston has no affect on the workings in Albany. Now we know different.

It seems our own Judge Karen Peters has presided over the appeal to place a restriction, called a
TRO restraining order, against Senator Pedro Espada from acting as President Pro Tem. Have you been paying attention to the mayhem at our State Senate?

The decision was made at the appellate level at the Ulster County Courthouse late Thursday afternoon and set in motion the means to get Malcolm Smith and the Senate Democrats back in the chamber, that is until later today, when the State Supremes get their shot.

Yesterday, my friends on the Republican side, got to gavel in and out of session just to say they did. No bills were acted on.

Walking around our quiet uptown neighborhood, you'd never know that the chaos in Albany was being discussed and possibly influenced right on Wall Street.

I'll modify this post as I hear more. To think, we actually feel we have leadership problems here in Kingston and Ulster County. I wouldn't want to be in the middle of that one.

Update as promised: The latest is that we don't have any leadership in the State Senate for the weekend.
That may be a good thing.


Anonymous said...

Albany is a mess. Seems fitting they would bring some of the mess down here to blend in with the mess already here.

Anonymous said...

Karen Peters is one of the most respected Judges in New York. Glad to have her on board. With unmistakable sound judgement, its no wonder she had been cross endorsed. Thank you Judge Peters.

Anonymous said...

Neither side is looking very good in this mess.