Wednesday, June 17, 2009


For all the complaints that some of us worry too much about Albany politics and not enough about the workings of Kingston...I'd say there should have been more attention on the fragile workings at the State capital.

The County of Ulster and the City of Kingston are about to feel the results of the leadership struggle in a big way, unless the loonies up there settle this battle for control of the chamber real soon.

Our own Exec, Mike Hein is in today's paper pointing out the number of issues pending in the Senate which have intimate affect on the way Ulster County funds the system. Other leaders in Dutchess and Greene were quoted with equally alarming concerns.

You've heard names like Skelos and Smith here for years and wondered what do they have to do with Kingston? Well, If you're paying property, school and sales tax in New York State and their antics cause a drastic increase in each across the state, you'll feel the impact as much as the next guy. I've always felt that my friends in the Kingston area should know them and at least get my personal take on what they do from time to time. Plus it makes great copy when youre doing a daily like this one.

The home rule offered Ulster County to maintain the additional 1% sales tax could be lost in this sessions power shuffle. The financial quote for that impact being almost 2 million/month lost for our county. 23 Million/year is nothing to laugh about.
As noted in the paper: the City of Kingston will feel it in a big way as well.

There are no special links here for readers to click asking that regional viewers petition the State Senate to get back to work. It wouldnt do any good. They have to settle this in Albanyworld by themselves and quickly. YOUR tax dollars and OUR quality of life are depending on it.

Without going further to lay blame on either side, I'll stop right here.
Glad to be back after a short break.


Anonymous said...

Secession and nothing else- time to move forward- It worked for the South in April 61- Other areas have "joked" about it and in the immortal words of someone: "why not"
take care,
Nodlehs Z

Anonymous said...

no help from Assemblyman Cahill. Thank heavens for our new Assemblyman Frank Satakosis (spelling). He carried the bill for UC in the Assembly. Mike you should think of running for the Assembly not local. Also, received a lot of support from our Republican officials.

Anonymous said...

Why are there all these "silly" and self-defeating (usually unspoken) "rules" that one should not (if involved in local politics, at City Council meetings, etc.) address the larger picture? Everything certainly IS connected... and people certainly NEED to be aware of how one domino affects (do they stand in line or all fall down?) another!

There has been some good stuff coming down the pike from Albany... and some not so good!

There has been some major progress made by the current presidential administration... and there have been some (depending on ones point of view, I suppose) "dissappointments", as well (As far as I'm concerned there is a lot of leftover garbage - from the previous administration - that really seriously NEEDS to be cleaned up!)

When did we lose track of the meaning behind that old childrens song, "the hip bone is connected to the thigh bone..." (etc)?

When did we get the idea that groups (be they political parties or whatever) have to stand in opposition to one another?

When did we lose track of the meaning of "collaboration?" Does having a conscience matter anymore? Do we somehow (for some sick unconscious reason) prefer the term, "catastrophe?"

Yes, we have to clean up our own back yard... for sure, for sure! But funds are needed for that, aren't they? And from what I can see, it isn't exactly raining money!

I've been following the local and National developments more than the state developments (It is a time of rapid change and overwhelming even for us research / writer types!) ---

So thanks for this posting Mike. Keep up the good work!


Anonymous said...

Have you given up on delarose??

Anonymous said...

Mike, I own a business in Ulster County. Does that mean if they don't pass the sales tax extension, that I can reduce the sales tax that my customers have to pay?

That would make my customers very happy. They don't realize that I am only a collection agent for the State of New York. It would be as if I am decreasing my prices for them.

Sounds like a good stimulus for my business.

Anonymous said...

Wow 12:05, now that is an idea, if lower the sales tax rate, maybe people will buy more because it is less expensive and maybe that would stimulate the economy.

Are the greedy sales tax spending politicians listening?

Anonymous said...

Delarose hasn't given up and will be a candidate for the state senate in the 39th district next year.

property owner said...

Mr businessman, if there is no sales tax extention property taxes will increase thereby leaving your shoppers with no money to shop with. Property taxpayers have spoken they prefer sales tax to property taxes. One more point, everyone who shops pay the sales tax including those that visit, not so with property tax.

Anonymous said...

8:46 AM (2): There is a third option to raising either sales or property taxes. How about cutting the cost of government!