Friday, June 05, 2009


Get this, AG Andrew Cuomo, has finally presented his bill that would make it easier to consolidate local governments, and in the process, help keep property taxes down. Did you hear this?

This has been in the works for quite a while and frankly us over taxed New Yorkers have been waiting for such news for years. Andy has been touting the push for Government Reform as if it were his offspring. Now it's out there.

Cuomo was at an event in Long Island when he said: "We represent the people as consumers, when I became attorney general, I added a new priority, which was government reform." Wait, I found another quote: "This bill arises out of the need to represent citizens as taxpayers against government." Interesting concept.

So what does this mean? Towns & villages, through public petitions and referendums can now dissolve and merge with a neighboring municipality. Our best local example would be Kingston & Ulster. [could you imagine?]

Up until now, there were regulations in Albany that prohibited the process; From public initiative anyway.

One of the strongest voices against this measure is our very own Bill Larkin. Can I take this moment to ask nicely...Bill, would you please reconsider? Please?

Everyone knows I pay attention to the State Senate and am concerned the betterment of the citizens in the 39th District, and as a Democrat, everyone expects me to pick on Bill. But what is Bill thinking? Lets embrace this push for reform already.

With over a year to go, Larkin has already had several fundraisers in Orange County. Is he wasting his time? Will he collect and run? Or is he really going for one last run on this kind of record? I would advise him to get on board with this proposal. It would so help us through the tough times ahead. Ask Sottile!

Thank you Andrew Cuomo for offering this option to the people of New York. Merging towns, cities and special tax districts can only open up the opportunity to save needed funds and reduce duplication of services. Can I suggest running for Governor?


Anonymous said...

Yeah I could imagine Kingston and Ulster merging. Let's see right now my fire department costs less per year than 3 months of trash pickup. I don't have a broken sewer system that needs someone to pay for it. The taxes I pay are not in jeporady of being given away in sexual harrassment suits. There is not a single parking meter in Town, shall I go on.

Maybe the Town should annex city properties that would like lower taxes, semi responsible spending (once Nicky is gone), and excellent town services, many of which that are provided by a volunteer system that has not been flushed down the drain by people that want to keep their friends employed.

The only reason to merge is to keep the city from going bankrupt. There is nothing in it for me as a town taxpayer.

Anonymous said...

Actually there are Village/Town borders in Ulster County where this may help eliminate wasted services.
I think the Ulster/Kingston suggestion was just a joke.
Once Quigley gets to work, you'll find surplus in the Ulster budget don't worry.

Anonymous said...

I agree that there are many town and villages and special tax districts where this would work. Not Kingston and Ulster however.

But why are we trying to eat the whole cake at once. These municipalities should focus on sharing services for a start.

Anonymous said...

New Paltz's Village Government is a disgrace.
If only the Hugenots would forget their rediculous attachment to their distant history - per the Village - We could consolidate the two & have civilised, responsible thriftier Government.
The Hugenot's legacy would remain & we, the citizens of the New Paltz Community could do away with the takeover of our Village's Gov't by the college idiot kids & the Green Party wackos.

Anonymous said...

Mike: What a unique concept:
I think it was just a short time ago, that former Governor Spitzer was known as the reformer. His goal to clear up NY State politics. Well Bruno is gone and Silver still strides as Chief of the Politicians and King of the Hill.any thoughts on the following answers as to the current Ny climate. A. Good, B.Bad, C. effective, D. ineffective- you be the choice- A B C D or all of the above.
oh well- now on to our own reform. and the November November 2009 elections. To paraphrase the immortal words of John Lennon- Give Cuomo a chance.
take care,
Shelly Z

Anonymous said...

"Ask Sottile"? Because what...he is a CPA or he was employed at the state DTF? Did he take one college-level course in economics? Did he visit Paul Volker or Alan Greenspan? Did he revisit Sister Mary anyone who ever taught Math? Pull our legs a little now...oh yes...he is the Emperor Jamesus Sottilus who speaks on Cellphonus Magnificus...who is making sure he remains the Emperor after Election Day 2011...that's the reason...O Wise and Great Ozymandius of 400 Broadwayyyyyy....(see the Bible:"Mene, mene, tekel, tekel.." as related to the evaluation by Daniel of King Nebuchednezzer)
Nowwwww how is Andrew Cuomo the hero of Kingston after he sued Benedictine Hospital? That one truly seems a bit much for the politically inclined dontcha think Mr. Madman er, I mean Madsen??
Well I see...there's always hope even for Cuomo...which we could logically then extend to all Catholic boys...(who at some level OUGHT to sue any/all Catholic institutions for personal injury and monetary damages therefor)well...except the Emperor, whose need for "New Clothes" a la the Nursery Rhyme is a point of well, what might well be called "retroactive education a la restudy of nursery rhymes as related to political reality"...his need is simply to try to be a human being, but I do understand that this is really not modeled well by Catholic Clergy and on that basis he deserves a pass of sorts... Maybe we can just get Gerry Gretzinger to declare all this "Children's Theatre", which in some sense might be healing(eventuuuuallly though--by the year 2100 PERHAPS)
Shelly, Sptizer cleared what was in his loins and as a result, no chance of clearing up NY Politics by that genius of a fool. When are Jewish people EVER going to stop with the Zeitgeist of focus on sex, money, sexmoney, moneysex, and sexsexmoneymoney--the day Woody Allen remarries Mia Farrow, or marries Son-Yi Previn??(OK I admit-- this is not exaccttlyyyy a forum for budding comedians and certainly not one approved by the religious culture in local politics and may be a bit unnerving... but Shelly my man who was schooled with Lee Harvey Oswald... get a bit serioussssss now...just a bit on the side of reality such that we always are SURE we're not in a Woody Allen film with all this now or "Marxist and not Marxist-Leninist". Aside from the humor and to defend it I am seriously personally extremely upset that Spitzer blew his power so ably achieved and cannot help anyone based on any good consideration--what's wrawwwwwng WITH HIMMMMM? NO COMMENT? NO COMMENT ALREADDDYYYYY). You'd have to be BLIND not to see our current Governor.
(Contrary to the impression rendered by the above, politics is such a great joy--really--just ask..ummmm ummmm....Blaber!!!)