Saturday, June 20, 2009


As many of you know, the City of Kingston has a landlord registry, where any residential income property with the owner residing at another location is to be placed on a list and the units inspected Bi-annually.

That list provides the building department with a city wide map of all the rental units and schedules their inspections accordingly. Landlords are required to make their property available to the inspectors when an appointment is worked out between the parties.

This has long been viewed as an attack on landlords, as if we were the only reason for properties to fall into disrepair. Well, I can attest that quite often, landlords fall victim to some unsavory tenants.

There is some good news on the horizon. The City's Laws & Rules Committee started the conversation on creating a tenant registry last Thursday. The subject was initiated by members of the Sheriff department: Don Ryan and Frank Faluotico and with preliminary details laid out before the committee, the project seems possible.

Several years ago, while having problems with one of my own tenants, I discussed creating a website for landlords who wanted the scoop on chronic apartm
ent abusers. Don informed me back then, that it requires money so that it would be done right, and the possibility of an Alderman or civilian getting sued was very likely. I took his advise and stayed clear of the notion. So Don set off to merge his DATA retrieval system with the means to help landlords better research potential tenants.

I think most landlords would agree that the one sided listing approach gave the impression that we are the main cause of the degradation in some of our neighborhoods. Truth is, it requires a better source of information to filter out the problem tenants. That is where you'll find the better property owners willing to engage the DATA source and affect the quality of life in our heavily rentalized neighborhoods in a positive way by refusing those with a history of trouble. Maybe.


Anonymous said...

Is there any way Don Williams could get involved here and lecture these sloppy tenants. That would assure they left the area...smitty

Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to see how many of these 'problem' tenants have their rent paid for by Social Services (Section 8). Wouldn't it be something if these folks who are trashing apartments, dealing drugs,etc don't get a free ride from the taxpayers any longer?

Anonymous said...

9:30, Why are you attacking Mike Hein like that. Hein makes a lot of money off of his Section 8 tenants. Why does everyone have to pick one Mike Hein?

Anonymous said...

10:58, This has nothing to do with any particular landlord. They can't help it if that is the only way they can find paying tenants who want to live in this city. The issue is why would taxpayers wish to fund a drug dealer's living expenses?
Signed, 9:30am

Anonymous said...

Anyone that gets any tax dollars for housing should have to go to a class to learn how to clean. Learning about cleanning tools and etc. Down in the city before you get housing you must go through these type of classes. Our tax dollars keep the people moving and buying furniture. Did you ever see a move out by a section 8 person or welfair person. We the taxpayers keep them living good.Most of them have jobs off the books, and they get 3 free meals a day at queen's on washington ave, then they eat at the clinton ave church. Get soap and personal needs at the fair st church. Let's not forget people to people, or the other churches and Family of Woodstock on John st. Hell why do we work!

Anonymous said...

This is a difficult issue - but somehow I tend to believe - in most cases - if you give respect (as a landlord or tenant) you will receive respect. Idealistic? Maybe. I guess I'll leave it ("hurt people hurt people") at (we need to find ways to break these counterproductive - for everyone involved - cycles) that.


Anonymous said...

There is a web site called Kingston Landlord Support in place to help avoid most tenant issues.