Saturday, May 09, 2009


Believe it or not, I have a soft side. Pictured here with me is Paul Michael Gilbert. Born Wednesday morning May 6th at the Kingston Hospital. His proud parents, Mark and Michele live here in Kingston and plan to raise all three of the kids within the Kingston School District.

When people ask me what motivates me to continue serving on the Common Council, I could just point to Paul Michael. Indeed, all of us who share the passion to serve in political office, at least at the onset, do it to make tomorrow better and save what's worth saving for the future.

Mark and Michele, like all young families, want the same quality of life and opportunities that all of us desire. There may be hundreds of people looking at this blog per day, but I bet you and all of the residents in Kingston would agree.

Ironically, Mark is one of those self proclaimed geeks everyone is talking about lately. Working with me on some small projects while getting Tempest Media off the ground, a new born changes the paradigm.

The push to enlighten the masses to the wonders of the Digital Corridor Initiative and the regional investment in solar energy product manufacturing couldn't be a better reason for tech savvy entrepreneurs like the Gilbert family to settle down in Kingston.

The passion to serve in any capacity of our city is not limited to one party, economic demographic or educational level. I have great respect for anyone who volunteers on the school or library board, planning or zoning commission, Alderman or Legislator. Little Paul Michael, and all the next generation, is who fuels our desire to make a better tomorrow.

As you see, even a big ogre like me has a soft side. Indeed we all do. I do however, [to a fault] expect others to act upon those noble goals when we engage each other in committees and on the street. I am sometimes disappointed. But will continue to look for the better in everyone because the mission to make tomorrow better demands it.

Note: Mark and Michele would like to convey just how wonderful their experience at Kingston Hospital was during the prenatal, delivery and recovery. Paul being the third child for Michele, ranks the service a 12 when given the choice of 1 to 10.
The future delivery wing and renovations should only secure this reputation for Kingston General.

KUDOs to the hospital staff.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Uncle Mike

Anonymous said...

You are right about the need to better the job situation in Kingston. Whether the Digital or Solar movement makes a difference remains to be seen.
I want to know how those of us on the outside of government can help redirect the local economy. Most of us are full of energy, not money. So what can the regular guy do without feeling like we are wasting our time?

Anonymous said...

Big ogre. You're funny. Mike; we all know you're a softie. That child has the whole world to explore and a lifetime to do it.
If we do what's expected of each of us, the generations to come will be better off.
As for why you and anyone else puts up with the nonsense on the council or any position, is beyond me. It's a bad time to be any elected official and everyone is looking for someone to beat on. You especially.
Best of luck buddy.


Anonymous said...

All joking aside, there is much work to be done.
This next budget isn't going to be any more popular than the last one.
Keeping our youth here once they've gotten an education depends on there being jobs here. Some of that depends on the council's ability to keep taxes reasonable. Good luck with this's not lookin good.

Anonymous said...

Eventually, all politicians find themselves serving those who fund the campaigns and work the deals. Council and town boards don't deserve the contempt we lay on the higher offices.
I still wonder why any of you put up with it.
Get out while you can, before you're corrupted like the rest of em.

Anonymous said...

And now for the other side of the health care saga in Kingston. Benedictine Health Clinic is still without its fallen leader, thanks to the stalwart attitudes by Larry McGrath at Benedictine and the feckless leader of the Health Alliance, Mr. David Lundquist, whose bread has been buttered his entire career by Catholic health care institutions.
And without good reason as of this juncture, except the usual "let's try to keep our noses clean in front of the state especially since Andy C. wants to be Governor and is using us to persecute in his righteous quest to do so."
Or whatever it is.
The career of the finest physician perhaps ever made is still on hold while these administrators play twiddly winks and focus on minutiae that remind one more of The Stations of The Cross Home Game than anything suitable for folks who feel that even Mel Gibson's Passion of The Christ movie should be avoided if you are under the age of...well, alive.
If this continues much longer next year's St. Patrick's Day parade needs to consist of the Folkies from the '60's and before and after coming out of the woodwork to parade down Broadway demanding the return of this doctor.
"Where have all the doctors gone...long time paa aaassing....when will THEY ever learn....when wiiiiilll they evvvvvvvvvvverrrrrrrr learnnnnnn?"

Anonymous said...

Hey- and everyone thought you were a hard nosed politician and not just a Public servant- super photo- why not set up a committee to recruit volunteers
and while thinking of volunteers- why in the world did you add one additional name to the KAPA- when Geri Breen was named- this made the Kingston contingent 5 which is the total allotment.
remember- This Thursday is the Chamber breakfast- NYState Tourism Director- and Thursday evening is the KAPA meeting at City Hall- 7:00PM
take care and lots of luck and congratulations to the parents of the "lil" kid yer holding
Shelly Z

Anonymous said...

Shelly Z. aka / Mr.s TALKER. The name is Clark Richters and YOUR, 28 Minutes IS OVER.

Go Clark GO!!! ...

Anonymous said...

Mike you are posting your name all oer downtown properties but hae not even to botherd to talk to the members of the community you are posting your name all over.Time for the big Orge to put up or get out.