Monday, May 25, 2009


OK, you're going to laugh at this one. The Town Board of Delcambre, Louisiana has approved a bill that bans saggy pants that show off the wearer's private parts or underwear. You're saying really? Is it possible?

I guess this trend in exposed underwear finally pushed this small town to act in regards to how much exposure is too much exposure. It's not just small towns either, now it's larger cities, and school districts throughout the country.

I discovered this humorous legislation because someone on FaceBook sent me an invite to join a group urging people to "pull their pants up!" The membership has really picked up steam and at some point, you'll hear about other communities attempting the same legislation.

Can you imagine our Kingston streets without crack? Well, the anatomy kind anyway. Seriously...who else is fed up with this exposed underwear thing?

From what I hear, the trend is based on the attire of prison and the men offering something, advertise that they are looking for a "Taker". Use your own imagination here, I cant go any farther.

So, my guess is that most of the guys doing the saggy bottom thing on the street don't know this. Trendy middle class kids of all races are droppin their drawers and frankly, there are some exposures that really test the boundaries of what constitutes a distraction to us drivers.

That town's Mayor, Carol Broussard told the press, "Just wear it properly. Cover your vital parts. I mean, if you expose your private parts, you'll get a fine. If you walk up and your pants drop, you get a fine. They're better off taking the pants off and just wearing a dress!"

Speaking of dresses, how about the girls pants that look like pajamas? I know they didn't just roll out of bed at 2pm and walk to Dunkin Donuts. And you wonder if the Main Street Manager has his/her hands full? This is just another of the images we have to fight.

I do have to point out that people will complain that this will profile a segment of our society. How many times will we hear that? It seems pretty well diverse in underwear enthusiasts. Remember Underoos? Maybe if the Batman or Spiderman logo was visible, we could consider it advertising.

Well, the town of Delcambre decided those who violate the ordinance, which passed unanimously, could face a $500 fine and six months in prison. That might be a little extreme, but It has survived the far.

Florida Senator Gary Siplin has introduced a bill to ban saggy pants in Florida schools. He claims that sagging pants are a distraction from learning as they draw attention to the body. Moreover, he believes that if people really knew the origin of the fashion trend, they wouldn't be so quick to emulate it.

Next week: "J" walking across Broadway in traffic.


Anonymous said...

Funny Funny Funny. It is an epidemic you know. Just came home from Philly last week and the city was full of the underwear brigade. What compels these guys to put IT out there like that?
Anyway, all joking aside...there are constitutional issues that will give all of these towns some heartache, but you can bet the majority of the citizens want them to pull their pants up too.

Anonymous said...

I agree, the pants should be pulled up when it comes to exposing underpants. Although, I dont think the pajama thing applies as equally. During my high school years(eww the 90's)I wore cotton/plaid pajama pants but fortunately never exposed my goods.
They are still pretty fashionable and comfortable without being an eye sore. Before you start worrying about pajama pants ide start focusing on the ultra mini skirts,sheer clothing etc that the young girls/boys are wearing. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

This fashion trend comes from prisoners.

When someone is arrested, they take your belt (and shoelaces) so you cannot hurt yourself. As a result, a prisoner's pants fall down.

When I was a kid, we looked up to astronauts, policemen, firemen, doctors, etc.

Today, kids look up to and try to emulate criminals. Kind of sad when you think about it...

Anonymous said...


Kingston will always be a nowhere place until the cops, the gov't & the PEOPLE rise up & take a stand against this hideous part of our society.

These types only want the free ride of easy welfare, illegitimate babies paid for by our tax dollars & crime,, cause "they" are too lazy to work & be productive members of society.

Screw the Thugs & Kingston might flourish, in time.

Joe Bubel said...

Didn't like my "Haterz" and "Salty Looks" line? Don't you listen to B2B or Conye? I do, and I'm a crusty old republican. How about that?

Anonymous said...

Oh, so you will post my haters comment, when I spell Kanye wrong. You are all heart Bill.