Monday, May 04, 2009


The UC Democratic Brunch was a huge success! The staff at the Board of Elections and the party leadership deserve accolades for a job well done.

The combination of celebrating the 40 years of public service by Lew Kirschner and the anticipated visit by Kirsten Gillibrand caused the event to be sold out in advance. Let me tell you, the air was electric.

Those who worked with Lew over the decades, had some great stories to tell which culminated to the offering by the county committee, a crystal vase with our sincere appreciation for the years of service to the public and the party. But we havent seen the last of Lew.

We got to hear from Assemblyman Cahill, who introduced Maurice Hunchey, who had the honor of introducing the guest of Honor, Senator Gillibrand.

Kirsten started with added praise for the years of dedication that Kirschner served this county, having read the event journal and listened to the previous speakers. She spoke of the years her own family members were involved with State politics and wrapped up her conversation with issues that plague upstate New York during this tough economic period.

The Freeman went into detail about the fiscal specifics from her speech. I wanted to focus on how she carried herself. Quite well actually. She didn't become the Senator select by sitting quietly in the House of Representatives. However, her upstate values seem to rub the NYC democratic base the wrong way. We'll have to wait and see if someone challenges her in a primary.

Meanwhile, Kirsten and Chuck Schumer fight the good fight for New Yorkers. She expounded on the great admiration she has for Chuck and the lazer focus he has on the big issues. "Don't get in his way!" she said.

But most of all her inspiration to jump into politics in the first place lies with Hillary Clinton. Kirsten mentioned the famous "Women's rights are Human rights" speech she made in China back in '95 and how that moved her to serve the public.

All said, hundreds of faithful Democrats in Ulster, Dutchess and Orange got to meet our new Senator this past Sunday. The added result: three counties made a bit of money too.


Anonymous said...

It's a great time to be a politician - and the worst time to be a taxpayer.

Mike Madsen said...

Actually, coming out of the past 8 years of rampant spending in DC, and the decades of deregulation in the banking industry borrowing from China and "free trade"..the huge debt that US citizens are strattled with are our biggest challenge.
With control of all three branches of government in the Fed, State and locally, we Dems cant point to anyone else for the first time for any failures. I agree that both parties have their share of blame for the past spending blunders, but nothing compares to the "drunken sailor" spending spree that we saw with the last administration.
Join me in hoping it gets better.

Anonymous said...

You've said it before and I have to agree with you, this has been the most fiscally conservative council in years. Tough times like this prompt people of all stripes to cut spending and do more wit less. Thanks across the board.

Anonymous said...

Dapper. Lookin good Mikie.
What's the chance she'll maintain her stance on the Second Amendment? The loonies down in NYC are pressuring her "big time" to join the anti-gun ownership crowd. Will she cave, or make us proud?

Anonymous said...

Was the Mayor at this event?

Anonymous said...

The Mayor was there

Anonymous said...

Drunken sailor spending?
You mean like the dope that just tripled our debt because he thinks it will stimulate the people to spend more?
Jesus Mike, you cant believe that this is a good idea.
This administration is causing our grandkids to be broke also!

Anonymous said...

Sen Gillibrand, the darling of the Right cuz of her contempt for illegal immigrants and her protection of the great second amendment-- the only amendment to the Constitution that needs no protection.

Even fellow Democrat and Catholic Maurice Hinchey regards her with appropriate annoyance. Well we know that Al "The Mouse" D'Amato seems to like her, as if the Middle Class World he created for his own political world really seems to exist; it is the haves and the have-nots, which is more like it out there.

Chuck Schumer is this woman's mentor, which could be a good thing for the party but a stupid thing if anyone thinks Democrats in Congress have any concern over reversing the deterioration of the constitution; only Keith Olbermann of MSNBC wants to truly do that, and although his football commentary on Sundays would do him better for a political career, his political commentary do him better for the truth.

Let's keep the guns killing people, let's fight this idea of illegal immigration because enough people hate it and it scores political points and let's just keep another Catholic in politics for the next bajillion years. Caroline Kennedy might have actually done something to fight for something; but gee, we have a woman who is replacing the one who is doing as fine an act as Secretary of State as Ronald Reagan did as President; heck, the next great thing is to invite Bill Clinton to direct The Woodstock Playhouse!!