Monday, May 11, 2009


I'm not one for promoting players from the other team, but Joel Miller has joined a number of Republican members of the Assembly to enact legislation that would require installation of ignition interlock in the vehicles of all convicted drunk drivers. Where are the Democrats on this?

How long has this concept been floating around Albany and what reasons are there to stop it? Have victims of alcoholic rela
ted accidents only been Republicans that this kind of legislation can't cover New York State?

Taken right from Bill A774: The main reason why people continue to drive drunk today, despite 26 years of intense public education and law enforcements best efforts, is because they can. Research shows that one of the most effective ways of stopping drunk drivers from continuing to drive is through currently available interlock devices.

So, other than letting the minority in the house get a bill passed, I don't understand the hold up. Only one in eight convicted drunk drivers is required to engage the interlock device nationally. This brings the number of operating interlock devices to about 100K in the US. The results show a decrease of 50-90% in repeat offences when the driver is in this program.

This begs two more questions:

Could a civilian obtain this device for their teen-age offspring and is it limited to just alcohol detection? Perhaps someone in law enforcement can explain this.


Anonymous said...

I don't see how fighting drunk driving accidents can be made into a political football. But if it can, Albany is the place to do it.

Anonymous said...

I can only assume that the sponsors and the supporters of the Bill have attached other ridiculous stipulations to it to keep the Majority from voting yes. That's the way it works.
Nothing ever changes.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Madsen. How bout the Council and City employees get this installed as well? And that Mayor.
I dont care what party you're in, it's the after-party that worries me.

Anonymous said...

great idea lets start with the mayor's jeep the lets get ann marie to install one too.remember we should lead be example.oh thats right we in kingston are exceptions to that rule especially when it comes to all want to lead but you dont want to be an example.thats why it doesnt pass as a law

Anonymous said...

Mike- great article- looks like the Republicans might have it right on this one- This is certainly not a political issue- drunk driving should not be a political argument- unless someone wants to place the party designation in the obits or the accidents page- just joking- an another great show if we ever get back on Public Access
so lead the charge in the council
take care,
Shelly zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz