Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Terrific news everybody. The City of Kingston's Independence Celebration has been saved!

By the good will of the lawfirm Mainetti, Mainetti and O'Connor, the cost of providing the services necessary to bring fireworks and entertainment to Kingston has been covered.

For those who have expressed concern regarding the city's fund balance and the elimination of several parks programs, you should be elated that those who do business in our city are willing to step up when the city is strapped.

Let me offer my sincere thanks to the good people who felt it vital that Kingston have it's annual downtown festivities and allow us all to show our national pride once again.

The event is scheduled for Sunday July 5th. More details will follow in the local papers with better researched material on the mechanisms that brought this to it's outcome. The city website will have more as well.

Thank you Mayor Sottile, for I know you had a hand in this as well.

Mainetti Mainetti & O'Connor


Anonymous said...

Mike: Great news- I thiMk ya scooped the Daily Freeman- Guess, the Mayor asked for volunteers and thankfully they stepped forward- Four Cheers for Mainetti, Mainetti and O'Connor.
take care-
Shelly Z
hope that Public Access is back by then and we are able to tape the event and show it to the good citizens of Kingston/

Anonymous said...

awesome-city celebration of July 4th on July 5th

Anonymous said...

wOW, impressive. We may save the pride of Kingston yet.
Im sure the firm is doing a bulk coverage and others will help out, but this is great news. Donations helped to offset some of the expenses in past years. Maybe this will prompt an outpouring of new coffers for the event.
C'mon Mayor Sottile, work your magic!

joe frank said...

Kingston's celebration has always been the weekend before July 4th.

Whose idea was it to move the date?

In moving the date did anyone take into consideration that it may be in conflict with other neighboring towns celebrations??

Anonymous said...

No matter what - people find something to bitch about.

Anonymous said...

Aren't fireworks suppose to be on the 4th of July so what's wrong with the 5th? Maybe the law firm paying for them wants it on the
5th. so 8:32 find something else to complain about.

Anonymous said...

Mike they just laid off Jeanne Edwards. Did you know about this?

Michele said...

YAY! Im so glad its back. I was highly disappointed that my kids wouldnt get to see the same festivities that I used to attend when I was there age. Thanks big time to the firm and to those who showed the "love".

Anonymous said...

Its headlines in the Freeman tomorrow on Edwards being laid off.

Anonymous said...

How about asking that law firm to buy some bus tickets for Sottile and his gang and all the filth they have alllowed to flood our streets.
We can make the whole firm celebrity mayors, they cant do any worse

Anonymous said...

It's great for community values but the idea of celebrating Independence Day has no meaning in the year 2009 including in the seat of the history which surrounded the Revolution in America. The Constitution those men gave their lives for remains in total ruin from top to bottom;the level of impatience that the Congress has had over this, correctly observed by Mike Marnell in his near worship of the figure of Congressman Ron Paul, MD has been nil;that so-called "progressives" can allow this to sort of just go by the wayside with a wink and a nod is laughable on its face, and to think that somehow an Independence Day celebration will save Kingston's community spirit any more than what Alan Wikman correctly pointed out was an historically inaccurate portrayal of Redcoats blasting their way up Kingston Point Beach will every October, whether they blast their guns at Kingston Point or Uptown, when first the shooting apparently occurred somewhere near Delaware and Broadway. At this point the residents apparently ran for their lives into Hurley and returned the next day after the Redcoats had burned Kingston to the ground.
Historical inaccuracies aside, community pride seems to consist of St. Patrick's Day and Independence Day, both of which are excuses to heap more work on DPW, a dept. under fire for a number of reasons not the least of which is the inability to keep the roads very smooth after few snowstorms last winter and unmitigated catastrophes in harrassment quite obviously, as well as the imprudency of withholding salt from sidestreets after the last storm, which consisted of considerable packed ice, which lain on the streets for some ten days thereafter. I note the salt shed has received considerable praise from you, although no comment as yet on what that venue contained along the lines of salt this past winter and the ability to use it to stop the abject rot of a good portion of Kingston's side streets or non-main roads.
It has been observed that Dutchess and other area counties manage to maintain their roads in cities, towns,villages, and hamlets, in relatively good shape compared to the city of Kingston, and supposedly there is some reason to be found for this. Can we get any speculation on what those reasons may be?
The Redcoats of the Revolution called Kingston a place of considerable "perfidy." I wasn't around in those days so I cannot comment on the moral terpitude those folks were accused of having;but surely today's Kingston can correctly be accused of something similar in more than one way, and sadly that is the legacy that never seems to improve to any observable extent. While folks are viewing Mainetti, Mainetti, and O'Connor fireworks this year(which can to some extent sum up the ethnic makeup of the area at least in political influence), I hope they get a chance to also observe that fireworks can't repair the streets, can't prevent the streets from going into disrepair, and can't repair the apparent level of "perfidy" Kingston today enjoys--speaking in terms of general perfidiousness lacking specific charges of perfidy, of course.

Granny66 said...

Ignoring for awhile my opinion about allowing Mainetti, Mainetti, and O'Connor to sponsor anything but maybe dog waste cans in kingston--
Does anyone know if there is going to be a Memorial Day Parade and if so, when?