Friday, May 29, 2009


Kirsten Gillibrand spoke before the New York League of Conservation Voters recently. She indicated to the group that she will has been making the effort to allocate $20 Million to start a program that promotes jobs centered in renewable energy.

This would be the Clean Tech Competition Bill and although it will spur growth in the industry throughout the country, she is expected to add her initiative to the already growing movement here in New York State.

According to the AP story I found, she told the group: “I will be launching a new legislative effort to accelerate the development of technologies and early stage companies that can address climate change and improve energy security in the United States.”

Energy independence is closely tied to our country's financial security since foreign debt is the root cause of what ails America today. Adding to the fact that investing in the renewable industry has been the goal of upstate economic strategists for quite some time as we've seen with the Solar Consortium and a number of other incentive concepts focused on the Hudson Valley.

It seems fitting that Kirsten would follow in Hillary's footsteps on the issue of renewable energy and join Sen. Schumer in the effort to stimulate the upstate economy with this additional program. She went on to say: "This legislation would authorize $20 million for a new D.O.E. program, specifically designed to accelerate the development of clean technology companies and the creation of green jobs through these companies.”

Understandably, we are all looking forward to these green jobs to come to the area and flourish, but the gears of progress move slowly. So much so, that I fear the public will become impatient. I know we are losing families to other states chasing jobs and/or escaping taxes and it kills me to see all the Real Estate listings filling the papers.

Our Hopes are with Kirsten, Chuck, Maurice, Kevin and all those who are pushing so hard for the upstate economy to turn around. Now, if only we could change the public discourse between the Administration and the rest of us, we might see an acceleration in business investment in the city.

Note: the NYLCV has just celebrated their 20th anniversary.

NYLCV - New York League of Conservation Voters

Clean Tech Competition Expanded Nationwide


Anonymous said...

The king's empire is collapsing from the inside. If something positive happens job wise around the city of Kingston it will be in spite of his actions. My hope is that progress isn't delayed just because we havent cleaned up the scandals, labor disputes and mistrust in City Hall.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet the whole legislative branch is competing for those same dollars. Every member is bringing our tax dollars back to their own. Gillibrand, Schumer and the rest of them are no different. I applaud their efforts to stimulate job growth, but it's still our own money coming back to us.

Anonymous said...

If you wanted to recoup your own money, go buy some land in a red state. The clocks ticking, prices won't be so low forever, but the federal welfare to them will go on forever or until they're self-sufficient.

Anonymous said...

How about putting solar panels on all our municipal buildings? The initial cost would be a bitter pill, but we could stimulate production locally by buying from local companies. Lets put our tax dollars where our goals are.


Anonymous said...

Of course it is your tax dollars at work – just like the dollars were at work to build the first Interstate roads, bridges, tunnels, the Erie Canal, etc. It’s called investments and public works projects.
To turn the upstate economy around we need to think holistically, clean up the canal and ports, develop high speed rail, promote tourism, and develop green products. All of these actions will create jobs and get the economy humming.
Senator Gillibrand is smart to see the potential and while $20 millions is only a small start, it is a start in the right direction.
- Teddie Bright

Anonymous said...

Gillibrand is a joke. She has changed just about every position that got her elected to congress. If there is one thing people will not tolerate it is someone who bases their values on what is politically expedient. She should be primaried, there are no free passes...she is a fraud.

rrlieberma said...

Thanks, Mike Madsen, for a good post and a great review of the work of our new senator!!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 9:43 a.m. wrote: "Gillibrand is a joke. She has changed just about every position that got her elected to congress. If there is one thing people will not tolerate it is someone who bases their values on what is politically expedient. She should be primaried, there are no free passes...she is a fraud."

This is patently false, and reveals that the commenter is merely parroting media talking points, and has not done any research. Gillibrand has a very impressive, AND CONSISTENT, progressive record. She has adjusted her positions on guns and immigration to reflect her new constituency. There was minimal urban violence in District 20--she is now an advocate for NYC--that requires a very different policy posture. Potential challengers have fed the media exaggerated distortions of her positions, and uninformed people cite them dutifully. Repeating simplistic and inaccurate distortions is lazy and does not help NY. We have a talented, intelligent, and strong representative--get to know her before you condemn her efforts.