Monday, May 25, 2009


So, you're right ion the middle of something important, your mobile phone starts ringing in your pocket, you look, it's a number you don't know. Thinking it might be important, you answer..."Hello, this is the second notice that your car warranty has expired and you may be..." Now you're mad that they called you again!

We've a
ll suffered with that automated call during this past year. But did you notice it stopped a few weeks ago? I hadn't thought about it either.

Turns out the FTC obtained a court order blocking "robo-calls" on those things and until I read that, I didn't realize my ignorant bliss. I once told the human that finally answered that I had a 1972 Pontiac LeMans convertible and that I would like to get the warranty reinstated. He hung up. That didn't stop the calls though.

The new one? Automated calls pitching bogus credit card interest rates and mortgage scams. Thats right, in this critical time, the robo-calls are targeting consumers with ridiculously low rates that most of us would think were too good to be true...once again, the old adage is true. Don't believe it for a minute.

To combat this, Sen Chuck Schumer has asked the Federal Trade Commission take action against these unsolicited calls. I can support that. What took so long to stop those warranty calls in the first place?
Anyway, I applaud Chuck for getting to this one right away. It seems the robo-calls are even pestering people who are on the Do Not Call list.

Anyone who receives one of these calls should file an official complaint through the FTC's website, . Don't let it slide. It's one thing to be irritated to death by a non-threatening robo-call, but some of our most vulnerable may fall for the new credit card scheme. Lets kill this one right away.

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