Saturday, May 02, 2009


Taken from the website: Albany Watch...

Gov. David Paterson announced today that the state has certified an additional 53 highway and bridge projects that will receive federal economic-stimulus money. So far, 126 shovel-ready projects have received a total of $389.2 million in stimulus funds. The total cost of the work is $519.6 million.

New York is expected to receive $26.7 billion in the next two years from the economic-stimulus package.

Paterson made the announcement about the 53 new projects at a kick-off for a street repaving and beautification project in Albany.

Of the long list of projects noted in the press release for Ulster County was $2.2 million to repave about four miles of Route 28 between Routes 212 and 214 in Shandaken.

More of the list will be revealed as the week goes on.


Anonymous said...

I would only like to know what this is likely to do for youth over the summer in Kingston who will have nothing to do but to interact with KPD????????????????????

Anonymous said...

seems like Sottile and Hein are not as powerful as they like us to think.

Anonymous said...

I read somewhere that Stone Ridge is getting something like $1 million for bluestone sidewalk repairs... do they even have sidewalks?

Mike Madsen said...

This is a second stim list from the Governor. The last one included those sidewalks.

Our youth and the program options that keep them out of trouble, are a success if parents of "at-risk" youth make the effort to enrol them in those programs. The kids who you refer as engaged only in KPD, as you say, are probably not getting the encouragement at home like you've experienced. The stim money has nothing to do with youth programs in the city.

Anonymous said...

Certainly after the Sunday brunch, Mike Klein is not as much of a player in the State Democratic community as he thought he was. Or maybe June O'Neil didn't get the press release.... or maybe it was payback from Paterson for misspelling his name on the stimulus request.