Sunday, April 06, 2008


The new Landlord DATAbase is fantastic!

I have to tell you, Don Williams, Don Ryan and their staff at the UC Sheriffs Department have outdone themselves. All too often, the press describes landlords as some overbearing, abusive and greedy entrepreneurs whom use property to warehouse the unfortunate.

This certainly is not the case from my standpoint. As a landlord, I have dealt with some rough trade in my years. Renters have a distinctly different outlook on property care and maintenance in their own living space as well as what you would call considerate community living. Don’t own it/don’t care/what neighbors?

To break a window, punch the walls or let the sink leak for months without telling the landlord is commonplace. When you introduce government subsidized renters to the equation, you set yourself up for a catastrophe. My last tenant left without paying the last months rent and never made one payment toward security. Cowards.

This new website: Landlord Support DATAbase is going to help landlords better deal with the professional victims coming from prior self-inflicted evictions throughout the county. Hallelujah!

The website is good, but needs development for a more user-friendly operation. The department should also open the site to a Landlord Discussion Forum for the self evicted horror stories out there. What tales I could tell.

Photos of Don and Don courtesy of Blaber's News and Commentary


Anonymous said...

only problem i see is that other then the name there is no way of telling who they are
if a person has a comman name they may get rejected because their name is on this list even if its not the same person

also a list of bad landlord would be needed to protect renters

Mike Madsen said...

There is already a renters rights booklet on how to protect yourself from landlord abuse. The courts are full of eviction cases and outcomes usually favor the renter.

There have been cases where the judge orders the landlord to let the pregnant occupant stay until the birth, get this...for 14 months?

Problem is, the good landlords are abused at an alarming rate today with no means to protect themselves. This DATA should help.

Anonymous said...

Are you pulling me leg me boy? Renters rights "booklets"? Eviction outcomes usually favor the renter?(Only one part of the whole business).
And you are a...DEMOCRAT(or a DEMOGOGUE???).
Come on wildman Madsen...there is the other side of the coin here, which is what your first poster asserted, I have experienced on many occasion...come to think of it, as a city councilmember, you oversee(in theory mainly) my landlord at the moment...and that landlord is a bad one in certain rather umm bad ways. Yes, we need a list of those, much like OPMC puts up a list of doctors who have been sued or persecuted by fellow doctors...just as much as landlords need a list of bad tenants. There is a balance here, and I'm sorry to say by casting your lot with wildman Williams, you apparently deliberately fail to see it...

Mike Madsen said...

#3 Im glad you point out that you are putting up with your bad landlord. I'm guessing the Building Dept. hasnt been to your dwelling yet?

All too often, renters bring the problems with them. Generations of one family growing up on the public system who dont know the value of a dollar earned.

You will never see them look as good as the day they show up to look at the apartment. Once in, it's hell to get them out. 90 days for many cases.

Say they upgrade the landlord site to diferentiate the good from bad tenants, I would like to know who burned out their last unit before they got to my door.

But thanks for the comment.

Anonymous said...


The person who has a bad landlord should contact the building dept.
If it is not a building issue maybe the legal services lawyer on Hurley Ave. could help?

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhhh trrrrusttttt me...once you discover what entity runs these buildings....we won't see the building dept...the police dept. or any dept. except IF they have a bone(or more) to pick with tenants...they never do anything when it comes to the managers or's all about power, me boy, and who runs things and what we're gonna do as the folks who run the city and what we're not gonna do as the folks who run the city...
Oh, and the building issues are not ongoing at the moment(took em over three years in one case to bring up to code and over two years in another case) and as such I can be laid out as a nutcase, which I am sure the city would be more than happy to do in order to avoid their own responsbility for their own incompetence and negligience...the crime issues continue however, of that I am certain because no one who is supposed to be concerned about such has shown any in my experience...and btw I did not grow up in the system and have generations etc...although I hasten to affirm that yes, I am sure there are those who do and as a landlord you have seen such.
Since this is not YOUR don't have direct experience with these issues, but if Mr. Polacco would desire to come clean or has already...then you've got at least part of the picture, me boy!! And you're very welcome. If they closed down these buildings like the King's Inn and the Broadmoor, then you'd have a whole bunch more homeless people. That is one actually valid reason not to do a whole lot unless and until the roof falls off. The crime and those who support it in positions of power and deliberately do absolutely nothing is in some ways a more natty problem, wouldn't you say? In short, they don't care about the buildings except when they have to, care a lot about treating tenants like they are in kindergarten, and care a whole bunch more about their own tenuous political position.
Bunch of phoney baloney folks, which I've known about since 2002 and others have known about even longer.
Are there worse things in life? Absolutely. I won't soon forget the whole corruption here, that is for sure. If you wish to know more, just say so and I can backchannel you with the facts, because obviously the mucky-mucks read these blogs and I really don't need more stress in my life than I will probably get from this post anyway.

Mike Madsen said...

I actually scolded Tim when he commented on this site regarding the towing fees. Not about the subject matter, but the way he typed run-on sentenses.

The preceeding post has shown us all that we should type our comments in WORD first before posting it. That program will catch the spelling and grammer mistakes.

Try it. You'll sound smarter.

Anonymous said...

"That program will catch spelling and grammer mistakes."
What's slightly laughable--especially in terms of the criteria of spelling and grammar you have yourself introduced to the discussion-- about the above?(hint--it is NOT its "grammer").
The bottom line is-- in case you wish to know-- is that I am not required to be either grammatically correct nor spelling correct. Nor would I, seriously, require you to be. Clark Richters(UCP) certainly is neither grammatically correct nor can spell correctly. The bottom line is if there is something to say contained in the posts or if it is "just a gratuitous rant." I think I have something to say, and I have the evidence to prove it. Your reply indicates no interest beyond criticizing the form of the post;it is notable you are silent now on the SUBSTANCE of the post. Shame on you. And kudos to you if you choose to post this truth!

Mike Madsen said...

In time, spelling aside, the substance is understood. We all know that landlord/tenant issues will continue long after we have exhausted this posting.

Enjoy the spring weather.