Thursday, April 24, 2008


Welcome to the Hudson Valley, where the future is GREEN: The jobs anyway.

This past Tuesday, Congressman Hichey addressed the UC Chamber of Commerce. In his great wisdom, he explained to the audience that a Green Jobs Revolution is upon us. The trend in local industries to develop alternatives to fossil fuels is sparking serious interest in Ulster County.

The Solar Energy Consortium, a newly formed group in the Hudson Valley, has been allotted some serious grant monies with the intent, partnered with Prism Solar Technologies Inc. to make a successful contribution to "the biggest problem we face as a species."

Hinchey said in the Freeman: “Our energy problems have caused economic problems and right now most of US consumers are spending much of their money on gasoline, heating oil and food."

Hinchey continued: "Supply and demand are no longer reflected in the price of oil, because while the demand is not increasing (in the United States), there is increasing demand for commodities contracts and the
speculators are driving up the price of energy." ""We want to make sure we don't get in a situation where we're importing solar energy from China."

Our Congressman mentioned Germany and the self-sufficient energy production in some of the towns. So, I found this article on a German Energy Site: One town called Dardesheim, relies almost entirely on renewable sources for its energy needs. The town’s goal is to use 100% renewable power, and become known as German’s “Town of Renewable Energies”. They already have some huge wind turbines in place, and many solar roofs installed. Last year they installed an amazing 62 megawatts of wind power, including one 6 megawatt turbine.

I have always admired the vision and attempts Hinchey has made on our behalf in Washington. Job growth has been less than worthy of mention during the last 7 years while we have spent a Trillion tax payer’s dollars on a war of choice abroad. Our infrastructure is suffering and gas prices may hit $4/gallon by November.

Our local economy needs a kick-in-the-ass, renewable energy sources and manufacturing must take hold in Ulster County. Senators Clinton and Schumer, as well as Assembly Cahill and Sen. Larkin have joined in the push to locate these Green Jobs here.

Thank you Maurice Hinchey, and a fine job done with the needed seed money for the Solar Consortium.

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Anonymous said...

Did you leave anyone out? You forgot the Mayor and the UC Chaiman and the City dog warden.

When it comes to solar technology and development, you need an educated base. Our local school systems are struggling to reach the expected graduate numbers.

This is what tech companies are looking for when they relocate. I question the rhetoric regarding the onslought of solar companies coming to the Hudson Valley.


It is the campaign season you know.