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I know that sounds like a regional demographic, but in this case, it’s a noun. My comrades and I, voted Tuesday, to clarify the trash collection ordinance in the code book by placing a limit on larger multifamily structures.

The one in this picture is owned by my father and has five units. The ground floor is designed as handicap accessible (currently vacant). The limit of trash has an impact on property like this one.

Nine cans are the limit; however, I have never seen more than seven at the curb.

The vote in favor of this bill was 6-0 because Landi and Teetsel were recused; they both own property affected by this law and Ringwood was out of town for emergency family matters.
I have to mention, I got the call from dad, while he was vacationing in Florida that he had gotten the notice from the assessor and his taxes went down. I said, “Did the assessment go up?” he said, “A great deal”. Every property in Kingston went up in assessment. The tax burden on each one went in all directions. Anyone reading this, knows all too well what happens during a Reval.

The Reval matter is not over by far. The Council still has consulting with the GAR associates ahead of us regarding the issue of the commercial/residential shift. So, I should tell dad, don’t celebrate yet!

So much for Memorial Day Weekend with the family.


Anonymous said...

Your title IS misleading. I half expected a posting about some of the renters I have endured.

So trash collection is limited while taxes go down. Is there a correlation? Is this something we should awaken to?

You guys better rethink this burden transfer to residents. Limited income and fuel increase combined with this tax adjustment is going to kill this city.

Anonymous said...

I believe that you and the rest of the round tables should tackling the issues that are crippling our city, here are a few incase you are not aware of any:
Lack of any industry
Where can you go in this city and find a job that pays enough to handle the tax burden that you all have implemented?
Overflow of low income (affordable housing). Am I the only person who notices that all we have walking our streets anymore, are people that are not contributing to society? this will be Jim Sottile legacy, the King of Affordable housing!!
Crime, say anything you want, we are allowing the scum of the earth to live for free in our city and infest it with thier lifestyle and filth. There is a serious crime issue in this city and you people turn a blind eye!
Mismanagemnt, Who is in charge and where are they? Who in their right mind would allow the Kirkland to be rebuilt and not have anyone in line to move in to help cover the costs? does anyone in city hall have any business savy whatsoever? did we rebuild this just so we could say that we did something?
Why the big push to own the Kings inn? What is the plan? Who is going to foot that bill? What are you people going to do with it after you pay too much for another hole? Does anyone at that table think before they act?
Infrastructure: Did you see the floods we had a few weeks ago?
Has anyone noticed the lines on the road in front of the Gov Clinton Hotel? It looks like Helen Keller went wild! and we dont fix it? Imagine what visitors must think when they see that joke!
What do you think is going to become of the uptown parking garage? They never did any repairs on that building for years, and all of a sudden its a death trap?
Thats what happens. Do you think that we need more affordable housing? Or if you are going to build luxury apts, you also tell us that a certain percentage must be affordalbe. Who is going to pay top dollar for an apartment when your neighbors are living for free, and/or undesirables? Would you?
Does anyone ever venture on Clinton ave near the new Kirkland homeless shelter? That whole block is affordable and filthy and the almost everyone walking there has thier own cart, is this what Kingston has become? Do we need a high rise low income resort?
You had all better wake up and just say no to Mr big time Kingston developers and the NY state welfare, or we, the working class citizens will soon be the minority living in the slums!
Hate to sound so hateful, but its the sad truth anymore. Dont believe me, take a ride around the kirkland and hannaford then hit broadway!

Mike Madsen said...

I am glad you opened that discussion regarding Affordable Housing.

The deffinition of Affordable housing in Ulster County is quite high.

1. Single making 35K/yr
2. Couple making 47K/yr
3. Couple w/2 kids making 62K/yr

This covers most rookie cops, firefighters and small business owners.

What you are pointing out is government subsidized housing: welfare, section 8, homeless shelters and vagrants.

The Kings Inn was in the latter example. The stipulation placed in some condo projects in the past guarenteed a minimum number of units priced around 120K each.

These units mixed with the 250K and 300K units in the same building would have a gentrifying effect on the whole.

Also: The Kirkland has tenants in it and a restaurant in negotiation.

Also: I personally dont want to take the Kings Inn as you can see in a previous post here on my blog.

Also: I just repealed the 3 meters at 34 Clinton Ave which promted the lane dashes to be moved for liability sake, they will now be erased.

Also: You will notice, I publish comments which other blogmasters wouldhave deleted. Thanks for yours.

Anonymous said...

New York taxes in general prohibits any new manufacturing in this state. Every county in this state is fighting to keep what it still has in the way of jobs.

This is the best example of the HIGH COST OF LOW PRICES. If everyone continues to shop at WalMart for goods made in communist China, they shouldnt complain that the manufacturing jobs are gone.

So Kingston is supposed to buck the national trend? Not happnin!

Anonymous said...

I think it was cowardly for Teetsel and Landi to not vote on the floor. For pete's sake, it seems these days that various alderman are abstaining for one reason or another. Each time they do this they disenfranchise the voters of their ward.

Mike Madsen said...

Landi and Teetsel were not permitted to vote. They recused themselves against their wishes by order of Corp Counsel.

Anonymous said...

Mr Madsen,
I just gained a whole new respect for you, and thank you for your answers.
I look further to future debates and you are correct, the other childish bloggers would never print a comment like mine in fear!
Keep up the good work and lets try to limit the number SUBSIDIZED housing in Kingston.
We have enough non contributors in this city, and that is why the taxes are so off balanced!
Working class cannont afford to pay for every homeless or needy person in the state.
Please help us and tell the Mayor NO MORE!!!!!!!