Saturday, April 19, 2008


Power-Down Week is a national experiment that the City of Kingston Recreation Department is participating in this year. What started a few years ago in other cities, with impressive results, is the push to decrease the amount of time our youth watch TV, surf the web and play video games.

What the Rec. Department has offered is a week of motivational activities for families to rediscover the great outdoors. We have 9 sensational parks in Kingston. Each one is unique in uses and history. Here is a list of scheduled activities:

Monday, April 21 – Family Hike @ Kingston Point Park 6 pm

Tuesday, April 22 – Earth Day: Spring tour of Forsyth Nature Center. First 100 arrivals gets a tree sapling for home planting. Starts 3:30 pm

Wednesday, April 23 – Active Indoor Games @ Midtown Center. Kickball, Dodgeball and more. Starts 6 pm

Thursday, April 24 – Treasure Hunt at a mystery park. Check in at the Midtown Center at 6 pm for your first clue. You will trek to a park to find clues and prizes.

Friday, April 25 – Get Up And Dance @ Gallo Park. Starts 6 pm. All ages bring your dancing shoes for the Cha Cha Slide, Chicken Dance and more.

Saturday, April 26 – Global Youth Services Day: Meet at Kingston Point Beach at 9 am for the community clean-up and nature trail building.

Power-Down 2008 promotes getting out as an active family and leaving the TV behind. The success of this week long push to change the unhealthy winter habits of a couch potato have altered enough family schedules nationally that the energy invested by our Parks & Rec. Staff is worth it. This week of activity also sparks an increase in Park activity for townships that participate.

For more information; 331-1682 All activities are free!


Anonymous said...

Its great that we have a program to promote family time in our parks, but will the bathrooms be open?
I know personally, that if I need a working bathroom, I will think twice about joining in.

Anonymous said...

Bathroom or not, you'll find me picking-up somewhere in one of our parks. The snow is long gone and the litter has revealed itself.

I cant wait to see our city clean again. We shouldnt need an Earth Day to move the masses to do the right thing.