Friday, April 18, 2008


New York has a new superintendent of the State Police. His name is Harry Corbitt and he was tapped by Governor Paterson to improve the tarnished image of the State Police Department. No thanks to Former Governor Spitzer.

Corbitt, a buffalo native, had risen to the rank of colonel before retiring from the State Police in 2004, Paterson asked him to take the reins at the agency at one of its most critical moments. He was voted in unanimously by the State Senate Wednesday.

New York’s State Police is now the target of a new investigation by Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo, who is seeking to determine whether politics played a role in its operations during that scandalous first year of the Spitzer Administration.

Corbitt is quoted in the Albany Times: “I was proud to be a trooper, and some of that pride has been tarnished,” He said this to Senate lawmakers in a final committee appearance before his nomination.

Moments after the confirmation, a line of smiling senators made their way to the back of the ornate chamber to be photographed next to the state’s new top cop and the first black man to hold the position.

Senate Majority Leader Joseph L. Bruno said: “Gov. Paterson can be proud of having selected him as his very first nomination,”

I’m sure Joe Bruno is very happy to have turned the page on this issue.


Anonymous said...

The ripple effect of Spitzers ethical short-comings have continued. I hope Corbitt can do what he is setting out to do.

Paterson continues to change personel in every department. I question if its ethical or political motives in some cases.

Corbitt has his hands full.

Inita said...

Paterson choiced a man that will bring honor back to New York state troopers with dignity!

God Bless