Monday, April 14, 2008


The spring season is upon us once again. We thank our lucky stars that we made it through another winter as we prepare for the fun times ahead. Not so, for many residents of the Hudson Valley.

Some of us suffer from illness that robs us of our strength, dignity and the will to carry on. One of these diseases is HIV/AIDS. The epidemic continues at an alarming rate among women and in the black community. Even with the continuing increase of newly diagnosed HIV patients, NY State cuts funding in the 2008 budget. Gov Patterson ordered a 2% cut in all health services across the board. Attempts to sever these programs from the cutting process failed.

In the past week, more than 40 HIV/AIDS service organizations, anti-poverty groups, and health and human service organizations signed onto a letter urging the Governor and the leadership of the State Legislature to protect direct client services within the AIDS Institute budget.

What can we do to help? Join me this May 18th in NYC for the AIDS WALK 2008 fundraising event. Last year, my partner and I took part in the event and contributed over $270 we had collected from City Hall employees and some friends. I remember the warm thanks from those whom felt it was their privilege to donate. Overall AIDS WALK 2007 pulled in about $7 Million

With the additional cuts in state spending for AIDS research and services, I feel the opportunity to help through donations is our only way to fill the gap in funding. So, join me as I assemble Team Kingston, and show everyone that we are an active and caring community up here in the Catskills. (or donate some money) We could carpool or meet at the Rally before the walk begins.

Check out the GMHC website for more details: AIDS Walk New York

To join Team Kingston…simply Email me for info:

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