Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Assemblyman Kevin Cahill has managed to secure over $6 million in state funding for the Solar Energy Consortium. This economic development group will utilize these funds to attract Solar Energy Product manufacturers to Ulster County.

In the Poughkeepsie Journal, Cahill says:” “This funding will provide a tremendous boost to our goal of making the Hudson Valley a global leader in the research and development of renewable energy, the advancement of solar power is critical to addressing our energy and global climate change challenges. With this money TSEC can now hit the ground running to make sure that happens right here in Ulster County.”

Kevin Cahill is the Chair of the NY Assembly’s Energy Committee which has a direct effect over research and development funds which are included in the 2009 budget. The CEO of the Consortium, Vincent Cozzolino, gives tremendous credit to Cahill for his continued support.

Cahill has never wavered his support for renewable resources and the eventual placement of such a company settling down in Ulster County, so it isn’t such a shock that his fingerprints are all over this. You will remember that Congressman Hinchey acquired several million in the federal budget just a few weeks ago, so the possibility of landing quality solar manufacturing jobs in the area is quite real.

Hillary Clinton has also made it clear she will focus manufacturing jobs related to renewable resources in the upstate New York region as President or continuing as our NY Senator, so expect an economic climate change in Ulster County.

As noted in the Poughkeepsie Journal, NY Senator Larkin helped with the additional 1.5 million in capital funding to make this the stimulus package it is. Thank you Bill Larkin.

This is yet another example that Kevin is exactly where we need him…in the New York State Assembly.


Anonymous said...

The list of business incentives for our area is growing. Sooner or later something is going to work.

I applaud Kevin and Bill for their effort and ultimate success in getting funds for the search group, but you and I have seen money spent like this before.

New York's tax burden makes it difficult for any town or city to acquire new manufacturing jobs and we have an educationally malnutritioned workforce in Ulster County. Wheres the attraction without government subsidies?

Anonymous said...

I will vote for Cahill for whatever office he runs for: Assembly again or County Exec.

Way to go Kevin.