Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Great news! Laurette Giardino, of East Fishkill, has entered the 2008 election race to become the Democratic candidate for New York State Assembly in the 103rd district. The district is east of us in Dutchess and Columbia County, but plays a significant roll in the economic development throughout the Hudson Valley.

Ms. Giardino, a businesswoman in Dutchess County, knows how hard it is to keep small businesses afloat. Over the years she owned and operated several stores, was Assistant Controller of a manufacturing company in Westchester, and published a monthly GLBT newspaper called In The Life.

District map to the left shows the townships from City of Hudson to E Fishkill in pink. With two district offices, this one will take some extra gas to manage the peoples business.

Laurette has been active in politics for many years. In 2007 she lost her bid for E. Fishkill Town Clerk by a handful of votes.. She currently serves as co-chair of the town’s Democratic Party and is a member of the Dutchess County Dem Women's Caucus. In her run for office last year, she was the recipient of the Eleanor Roosevelt Legacy grant.

She will be challenging Marc Molinaro, a Conservative Republican in his first term. With little to show for a long list of promises, Laurette plans on tapping into the new machine that has assumed power in Albany. With Paterson as Gov, a progressive Assembly and an eminent Dem majority in the state Senate, we need a business savvy woman in the 103rd.

Giardino said in the Pok Journal: "At this time, a Democrat has more chance of affecting change than a Republican. This is a good time to be in the majority. I am proud to be a Democrat because I believe in working for the people. My allegiance will be first and foremost to the residents of the 103rd. I will listen to my constituents, and will work with party leaders to do what is best for the people who live in my district."

Laurette has long championed environmental protections, women’s rights, developing alternative energy sources, improving education, and finding ways to help rescue struggling homeowners in this mortgage crisis..

Laurette told the Poughkeepsie Journal months ago: "This seat has been held by a Republican for too many years, and the results speak for themselves. People are having a harder time making ends meet than ever before. This will be a tough race, but I am committed to working hard to win it.”

Kevin Cahill serves us well in the 101st district with plenty to show for his good work in Albany. I expect well attended fundraisers coming soon from both of these fine public servants. The 101st and 103rd deserve a qualified team serving in Albany in 2008. I will keep you posted on the dates.

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Anonymous said...

As blue as New York State has become and the shift in demographics north of NYC, Laurette has a real chance this year or next time.

What effect will your Blog have on her support with the 103rd being our neighbor to the East?

Mike Madsen said...

Fundraising and awareness. The constituency on both sides of the Hudson need to know that together, we make up the mid-hudson valley, the focus area of new technologies that so many of our Economic Czars have been touting as the new manufacturing future for our area.

With a significant percentage of Blog hits coming from east of the Hudson River, I thought I would send out a "shout-out" to Dutchess County fans that some of us over here are paying attention to our needed partnership in Albany.

Laurette has an opportunity.

Anonymous said...

Go Laurette! Kick Molinaro's butt. It's time for the east side of the Hudson to go Blue.