Sunday, April 27, 2008


Here in the City of Kingston, we have a KFC on Foxhall Avenue. Like most fast food restaurants, we seldom think about where their food source comes from.

I stumbled across a website featuring Pamela Anderson urging people to petition KFC to change their Chicken handling. The large unnatural commercial chicken coops are worth seeing in this video.

Join Pam and hundreds of other famous celebrities such as Jenna Jameson, Paul McCartney, Al Sharpton and Lady Bunny in a nation-wide boycott of KFC. . . Still not moved?

So, if you still insist on eating at KFC please
click here for an important consumer alert that you should read. Click on Pam’s video and, if you can stand watching the whole thing, then take action.

Lady Bunny says: Your participation is requested.


Anonymous said...

I managed to view the whole video. It's almost too much to take in in one shot.
I think we've all heard about factory farms but never witness the abuse of the animals other than undercover footage from PETA or another group.

What they do with cows and pigs is equally disgusting. Yet I manage to turn it off when I make dinner.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Please don't ask me to boycott any food establishment! My stomach growls with just the thought of it.
Sorry, ...smitty

Mike Madsen said...

Once in a great while, I publish a comment with a swear in it. The deleted comment above, got through.

Other than severe defamation of charactor, swear words will be the rare reason for comment rejection.

Anonymous said...

What do we know about other commercial chicken farms?

Anonymous said...

Original or extra crispy?? Yumm!!!

Anonymous said...

I bet there is plenty that we dont know about our food sources.

Not just the handling of the animals but the chemicals they feed them/us.

Anonymous said...

i think that before you suggest a boycott of our local KFC you ought to think about all that the local owners do for the community, Mike.

and if you believe that a boycott is still in order then issue boycott orders to the local Hot Dog establishments too.

Mike Madsen said...

You are absolutely right. What the national suppliers do to the animals and what legal fights they may be dealing with sometimes affects the local franchise owner.

The local KFC folks have done good for the county during senior dinners, but the video explains why the sudden outcry by animal rights groups.

If only there was a positive change with the factory farm process.

Thanks Anonomous

Anonymous said...


Thanks for acknowledging my comments about the local contributions that our KFC makes.

There are other bloggers "nearby" who would simply not post my commment or flame me for it. You are becomming a diamond in the rough, from both sides of the isle.