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Anonymous said...

Mike- "bethca" ya didnt know that Walmart is one ofv the greenest companies in America. Fact learned at the Hudson Valley Center for Innovation.

As for the other areas that are problemsome to many Americans, that is another story. It is surprisingly a profitable company and employs many seniors and physically challenged. The store appears to be doing a yeomans business daily, and weekdays.
again- like most of your blog information- can you imagine what we could do locally if we were able to get the KPA back on the air.
Ok- so I am on a soap box for KPA- my second issue is that the city still doesn't have a team for the American Cancer Relay for Life- The event is May 30 and we still have available team sites open.
Goal this year is $160,000.00
cancer can be conquered, but we need money to educate and make the public aware.

Anonymous said...

I daresay Shelly the public IS educated about cancer more than you assume, especially from the poster of Dr. Steckman at Benedictine. This didn't make Steckman totally human in his Menshieness, but it did effectively raise the awareness you seek. It is a great cause and if only we could sell the "Bastards of Bataan" to the public to raise more awareness(I think however we have to get a DIFFERENT business plan!!).
Walmart is only green because it comes from a state that grows green things--and lets loose stuff like Bill Clinton and Glen Campbell on the rest of us. Well ok let's be honest then--it is green only because this improves its bottom line.
As for public access, now HERE is a REAL local cause. The "parochial" nitwits in this city including Al "Ice Cream Head" Teetsel and the rest of the gang along with Time Warner and the bumbling KPA Commission are worse in incompetence than the Keystone Kops of yesteryear. Well granted, folks like Todd Langon didn't help--but he IS in the right crowd demographically, you have to give him THAT Mr. Z--and Mr. Z---on a day your mouth runs particularly loose, I KNOW that you WILL!!

Anonymous said...

Hi: 8:23- I do agree with much of your statements. As for bumbling KPA commission - less bumbling if the CC and the other municipalities would make the appropriate appointment so the commission could function. As per my earlier comments regarding the Board, I accepted the position as a temporary one that would get us back on the air during the summer of 2008. Yes, I was successful for about 85 days, and then three of the commissioners without a majority took us off the air. We can not turn back the clock- so no additional comments. It is imperative to regain the calendar and the station itself. So the community can again be heard. KPA is vital to the community. Negative vibes and positive alike. Without getting into specific appointments- why not volunteer yourself and come join us. Where is the outrage? Is there any?
As for my mouth running loose- oh well-
as a final comment about cancer. I would disagree in that too many still die as a result of not visiting their physician. Just check the daily obituaries- Many from cancer, undetected, and certain death. As for the local hospitals Congratulations to the Health Alliance, For the first time in several years they have again joined the Relay for Life.
So maybe the reason that I have survived 4 seperate bouts of various cancers was to talk about the Battle for Bataan Corregidor. Maybe it might have been to tell their story to America. They did change the course of the war.

It certainly wasnt to be a politician. And on that I rest my mouth.
take care
Shelly Z

as for Walmart being green I would recommend that you attend the HVCFI meetings held at their offices in Lake Katrine- to verify just how green they are. Also remember my soap box- "mediocrity breed incompetence"

Anonymous said...

Shelly, calling yourself a Green business while draining our communities of their workforce resources only goes so far. They base their whole business model on buying cheap goods from Communist China and keeping the fat lazy Americans filling their carts with toxic and dangerous products.
The threat of Unionizing their employees scares them so much that they'd rather fire people like you just for mentioning the option.
Nice company to have around.

Anonymous said...

Hi: It looks like we have to agree to disagree. Your comments about those who search for and retrieve cheap goods for sale, and bring them home support WLM. The good news vs the bad news is that this corporation like the many other low paying jobs does help the community. Sadly, second jobs are becoming the norm. When banks like Fleet arived to contract with Uncle Sam to process our NY State and US Federal taxes, many complained about the low paying jobs. Although not a union activist and a life time banker, I discussed unionization with union officials regarding Fleet and they never followed up As for WLM, this is a long standing situation, which will probably never be resolved with a union. At the current time, the only bank that I am aware of that is a union shop is the Amalgamated Bank in NYC. Owned lock stock and barrel by the unions, it has thrived since the days of Sinclair Lewis.
hey again- thanks for your comments. The good news about me is that although I have worked at Fleet, book sales for Undaunted Valor keep me off the unemployed line.

Last commercial-Hope that you are a member of a team for Kingston's American Cancer- Relay for Life 30 May- Deitz Stadium- help others become aware
take care