Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Our communities are in need. From coast to coast, citizens have noticed the increased stress in the system that has been taken for granted for so long. money is tight in the home and on the municipal level. That's why I am thrilled to hear that Obama is pushing for an increase of funding for the AmeriCorps program.

One of those genius programs started by Roosevelt and expanded by Bill Clinton, is expected to triple in size over the next eight years. Why, because the upgrade has finally found it's way to the President's desk.

There is an opportunity to fulfil people's desire to make a difference. Those of us who are active in the community know what I am talking about. This increase in funding provides new opportunities to give back.

The buzz in the media is all about volunteering and the community service that Obama sites as giving him direction in his 20's. So if helping the poor, cleaning parks, mentoring children or volunteering at the local soup kitchen is as important to you, then you too will be pleased that the National Service Bill is getting this attention at this crucial time.

Looking at articles from the web, I see the bill passed
Congress last month with a $1.1 billion funding incentive attatched to it and has bipartisan support. There were some complaints about the government helping volunteers during the finacial crisis, but with both Ted Kennedy and Orrin Hatch sponsoring the bill, it was bound to make it to the Prez.

Today, Americorps has about 80,000 enrollees. This legislation aims to increase that number above 200,000. With our most vulnerable Americans feeling the pinch in services, and municipalities stretched to the limits, it's high time we eager volunteers get to work. Americorps may be a national program with financial aid attached to the service you provide, but we can work as individuals without a stimulus right here in Ulster County.

Many of us already do. You know who you are! Keep up the good work, encourage your friends to join in and appreciate the idea that our President not only supports your efforts publicly, but has increased the opportunity for you to join the National Cause.
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Anonymous said...

great - more jobs for politicians kids like the mayor's task force

Anonymous said...

The Mayor's task force is no more.