Sunday, April 19, 2009


Hey, It was a terrific day to get stuff done around the City. In preparation for Earth Day, we can see plenty of activity wherever you looked.

As advertised, the Victory Garden group was busy at City Hall. They got the base of the new 8X8 garden bed installed by 2pm this afternoon. The final dirt deposit occured after I left.
[I'll insert those pictures here later]

I took off because I had recovered an old City Directory sign on 9W. Took it home, Cleaned it up and bought a fresh post.

Not the most astounding job, but the sign laid against the chain-link fence neglected for two years until I couldn't help fixing it.

Our sign maker puts the time in to create these directories at a cost to the taxpayer, only to have them tossed aside like they are disposable. I know I gripe about the waste and lack of caring in the city, but it's for good reason.

The collection of trash and trimming of the small trees was compulsive. There was no stopping me once I got going.

For those who may have listened to WKNY around noon, you'll have heard my voice during the RADIO FREE KINGSTON program. Seems I've been asked to co-host the show for a while. Feel free to tune in, call and give me hell once in a while.


Anonymous said...

nice legs, Mikey,,,

Good job on the sign save, too,

we need more like you in Public Service,,

come & live in New Paltz, Toni could use some intelligent help,, she is surrounded by idiots,, except for that kid, Logan,,

Anonymous said...

Are you losing weight? Thanks for the clean up, I dont think that stretch of highway is a responsibility of our DPW. But it takes forever for the state to send a crew out there. It's just as well that you or another volunteer did it or It wont get done.
I bet everyone at City Hall had fun too. It was a good day.


Anonymous said...

Mike wrote:

"The collection of trash and trimming of the small trees was compulsive. There was no stopping me once I got going."

I write:

"I like a little OCD in a man - even if it's an alderman."

Anonymous said...

I know you werent the only Alderman to show up at City Hall for the framework. Tell us who else made an appearance?