Saturday, April 25, 2009


It was surreal. After so many years of supporting, preparing and attending other candidates fundraisers, I finally had my own. It felt pretty good too.

First, let me say that Frank Guido's Little Italy was the right place to have it. The banquet room on the second floor is perfect, the wait staff did a phenomenal job and topped off with some of the best food, made for a terrific experience.

As far a
s attendees are concerned...I was happily surprised at the number as well as who showed up. A mix of family & friends, constituents, and the people I work with to make Kingston a better place.

With a warming intro by Elliott Auerbach and a philosophical dissertation by Len Bernardo, I made my way to the podium to woo the crowd with my Clintonlike speaking skills. [yeah

For a first attempt at fundraising with a one week window, I think over 50 attendees and netting around $1,000 was pretty good. It couldn't have happened without my friend Amee Peterson and my two event hosts Elliott and Len.

I have plenty of work to do this summer as do the rest of my council-mates. Our agenda of fixing this city requires that most of us make it through this election season to serve another term. Considering who some of our opponents are, the electorate are sure to feel the same way.


Anonymous said...

I do like the idea that you are so active in so many worthy efforts. When will the others learn that we need our Aldermen to be more like you and the volunteer groups out there.
God speed.

Anonymous said...

Do us a favor, stick around long enough to run for Mayor.

Anonymous said...

Just how much does it cost to run for Alderman?

County Correction Officer said...

It was a nice fundraiser, Mike. The first of many more for you.


Anonymous said...

along with getting elected mike you have to take care of the folks that take care of you.when certain ordenances and laws need changing,like the towing .you shouldn't forget how it is how you got to office.thats why you are running for office not haveing that office run you.

Anonymous said...

Mike: good party- great food, super service- lots of friends- sorry that I had to leave early.
PS- It'sOK to cash the check-
seriously, another great opportunity that KAPA missed regarding local events
take care
Shelly Z

hey we need one additional commissioner from Kingston and additional commissioners from The Town of Hurley, Town of Kingston and Marlboro and Rosendale and one more from Esopus. Without these additional commissioners, we are unable to go forward, and continue the process of getting the station back on air.