Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I had just received this notice that the League of Women Voters will present a program in order to come to consensus on the future of the Golden Hill Health Facility.

They will have an open public forum to discuss and review the issues surrounding the facility and what impact each option would have on the community and the county.

The forum will be an overview of our study and the pros and cons of the consensus questions while we determine the broad areas
of agreement and disagreement that emerge.

The notice said: This will enable the Mid-Hudson LWV to initiate, support or oppose a variety of legislation.

To prep the members and the public, the following questions were posted:

1. Under the current fiscal climate, is maintaining and or renovating the Health
Related Facility a feasible option?
2. What would be the financial impact of closing the facility?
3. What is the social impact of closing the facility?
4. What options are available to the County to lesse
n the impact on patients,
families and employees is the HRF were closed?

The gathering will be at the Esopus Library on Canal St in Pt Ewen from 10am to Noon on April 18, 2009. So plan your weekend wisely.

To download your current copy of the LWV Commentator! Just click and your browser should open with the Commentator displayed.

April 18th is also the UCRRA bargain collection day for Toxic chemicals and electronics, but you need to schedule the drive in time to take advantage of the $7 carload special they are offering.

To register, go to or call (845) 336-3336.


Anonymous said...

In Ulster County,, the League of WOmen Voters is another word for Democratic front organization.
The dems have usurped this formally stellar organization & they use it for their own nefarious agenda.

Shameful trashing of a previously respected group of patriotic women.

Be Advised, readers,,, something stinks in Kingston.

Anonymous said...

Mike; another great topic and discussion that will not be aired on Kingston Public Access. But again - no outrage- lots of concerned citizens, who continue to express their thoughts that KAPA should be on the air. Even some city officials cannot understand why KAPA is off and the KHS education channel is on. One single solitary answer- KHS has the money, and all the necessary equipment to air daily show. Oh well- preaching to the choir. But again- too bad that the Golden Hill Discussion won't be on local TV- so lets count the ways....No St Pats Parade, no local discussion on the DEevelopment of the Rondout- just blank space- The good news is that sooooooooooon
yup very soooon, the calendar will be back and then .............
take care and thanks for the opportunity to discuss this vital public access,
Shelly Z

Anonymous said...

Golden Hill is for politicians families