Monday, April 20, 2009


New York, Connecticut and Oregon have joined California, Maine and Hawaii this year in making non-carbonated beverages part of deposit laws.

New York will add a nickel deposit on bottled water starting June 1. The state has had deposits on carbonated beverages and beer
bottles and cans for 26 years.

At that point, any uncollected nickel deposits are to be diverted from the bottling company's pockets to the EPA to better fund clean-up efforts and public education on reducing waste content and cost.

I'm willing to bet a barrel full of water bottles I'll see less litter along our highways and throughout the City next year. Works for me.


Anonymous said...

Less litter? Not if my front yard is any indication. I pick up many more soda cans and beer bottles than I do water bottles.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike- another great column- consider attending the Hudson Valley Center for Inovation- Entrprenurs meeting over in Lake Katrine- meeting this week again on Greening of America. A great group usually about top programs regarding technological advancement- another group that should be meeting in Kingston- Their executive director is Les Neuman- does an excellent job- they actually have created jobs.
And I thought it was your melodiouls voice on radio yesterday- didnt hear your name= and was only in the car a few moments
take care,