Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Followed by Keith Olbermann at 8pm, this little News Channel is about to make some news of it's own. 
Channel 118 on your Time/Warner service.


Anonymous said...

Let me say, since Keith has taken the helm at Current, MSNBC has taken notice. He was their headliner back when they had an animated techshow host. Remember those days?
Now he's off to build another empire. Sure, it's a rocky start, but Cenk and friends will start to displace the documentaries leading up to and following Keith's Countdown. Theres a good reason MSNBC moved O'Donnell from the 8pm slot...He's obnoxious. Now who should follow Keith?

And a special Thank You to Al Gore!

Anonymous said...

NewsCorp.’s second-largest shareholder, after the Murdoch family, is Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, the nephew of Saudi Arabian King Abdullah. Tell me how that works and why are all those islamaphobes still watching FauxNews?

They can get just as much nonsense watching the 700 Club and it would be Christian subsidized.