Wednesday, November 02, 2011


November 8th is finally upon us, so let me make a final push for my friend John Simek. John is running for Alderman in Ward Nine here in Kingston. My old council district.

There has been a need for new faces on the Common Council for quite a while. After eight years, I also felt like I had exhausted my abilities as Alderman. How the electorate put up with those who serve longer, I dont know.

I think it's imperative to get fresh blood in positions of lawmaking, if only to see the issues with a fresh perspective. Our city needs a fresh perspective. Personally, I'd change every current occupant, but alas, Senor is unopposed.
Getting back to John, I have to say, the folks in Ward Nine have no doubt met the candidates by now and have probably come to the same conclusion as I. His goals are simple...

  • Increase transparency by airing committee meetings on TV and/or live stream
  • Partner with the Mayor on Quality-of-Life issues
  • Bolster tourism
  • Cut waste in the city budget
  • Increase the City's taxbase through aggressive property marketing 
Serving on the City's Board of assessment review, chair of the Public Access Commission and a realtor in his own profession, I think John has a good grasp of where Kingston could develop further. With a little faith, I think the voters in Ward Nine will think so too.

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Anonymous said...

John has been to my house twice, Debbie once and Mark way back before the primary. As a Democrat in Ward Nine, I understand that the numbers favor us in this Ward, however, Republicans have won in other races in years past.
This year I am happy to say, the Democratic nominee is simply the better choice for Alderman.
You left some pretty big shoes to fill when you moved to the Legislature. There has been an obvious vacuum. I think John will be more "hands on" than our current Alderman so I'll be supporting him.