Saturday, November 05, 2011


Ward One is about to make history. Faced with the choice between someone from council's past and the freshest face in Kingston politics, this district is poised to elect a Democratic Alderman. Endorsed by the Working Families and Independence Party, Matt could find himself in the new majority of the Common Council come January.
Taken right from his website: 
I am a proven advocate. I am a labor law attorney who represents workers across the country and helps them recover their unpaid overtime and claims for minimum wage. I am also a former Ulster County Assistant Public Defender. I am the vice-chairman of the City of Kingston's Complete Streets Committee and the Chair of the Ulster County Periodic Compensation Review Committee. I successfully campaigned for stop signs at a dangerous intersection in Kingston. In so doing, I protected pedestrians, dog walkers and children who play and ride their bikes in the neighborhood.

Matt says he decided to run for Ward One Alderman to help make the Ward, community, and city a better place to live. Below are some points how:

  • Address flooding issues throughout the Ward. Develop a city plan to do so.
  • Protect city services and address the overall appearance of our city streets & parks.
  • Advocate for law enforcement and preventative actions that reduce crime and speeding. 
  • Support Businesses Growth: We need more jobs. Kingston businesses pay a higher tax rate than non-businesses, which could be reducing the number of businesses in our City.
  • Availability: In order to be the best advocate and representative that I can be, I will be available to you via email and telephone. And I will host periodic Ward meetings. 
His emergence as a candidate took me by surprize. Once I got to know what he could bring to the Council, I have no doubt that Matt Dunn will be in the forefront of the effort to revitalize the City of Kingston. Bringing his personal experience and desire to make this community safe to raise his and everyone else's family, makes Matt the right choice for Ward One. 


Anonymous said...

I feel certain my dear friend, the late Shelly Zimbler, a former Ward one Alderman, would have been proud to support Mr. Dunn. I wish him good luck in the election.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like everyone is on the same page this year, except of course r. Cahill and the Freeman. Dat dere "mayoriole" debate was pretty funny though! I liked "ok" Gallo a lot I wish he could be in my town. Even your Palacco guy sounds so much more hip and forward thinking. I think your town is going to see a lot of positive change next year. I know I'll feel a lot more comfortable hangin' out there if you get a good solid democratic sweep. I may stay outta town if Carnright stays on. He puts a deathly pall on the place. I don't wanna get shot. They way his supporters threaten everybody you'd think they were the local street gang.

Anonymous said...

I have a good feeling about the possible leadership in Kingston. With such a clear cut from the past administration, new department heads and a mostly fresh council, the opportunity to do better if not great things in the foreseeable future has me hopeful.
Matt will be a great asset for progress on the Council. Best of luck.

Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to new and fresh faces and ideas - from the Mayor on down.

I'm so glad the "business as usual" gang behind Hayes got handed their asses - DUI Bella, Hoffay and the rest. We need a clean sweep.

Matt is a great guy and a perfect follow-on to Andi in our Ward - she shook things up and took us forward. Re-electing Teetsel would be like taking a time machine 50 years backward. Like Larkin, Teetsel needs to go find a nice pasture to retire to and remember better times.

Anonymous said...

I hope he gets in - tired of the gerrymandered Donaldson, Loughran and Provenzano who neglected Golden Hill and steamrolled the Jail project.

Anonymous said...

Mike, Thanks for the kind and supportive words. I appreciate it. -Matt Dunn