Saturday, November 12, 2011


I think we have reached yet another turning point for the Occupy movement. In recent weeks the call for veterans to join the encampments has drawn a few members here & there, but in the last few days, the turnout has been impressive. Most notably at Occupy Oakland the 100+ vets of all ages and divisions formed a barrier between the occupants and the police force.

Essentially making their stake in the demand to make banksters, politicians and corporations accountable for the ruination of our financial system and to establish the fact that at 30% unemployment (well above the national average) that they too are part of the 99%.
Pundits on one GOP PAC news channel have labelled these fine men and women of the armed forces as just another group of violent Marxist hippies. I just know they'll all be tuning in to watch O'Reilly, Hanitty and the rest of the FoxNews propaganda machine when they get the chance. Oh Yeah!


Anonymous said...

You know, with almost a million people closing accounts at the big banks, unions, firefighters, cops and now vets joining the occupations, I'd say the movement is doing very well for having no clear message.
If in the end we push our leadership to close the corporate tax loopholes, end the Bush tax cuts, end the wars of choice and invest in our future generation's education, we may see the Occupations as our civil rights achievement of this generation.
The psychological impact of having vets protect free speech from police officers following bad orders is enough to make me choke up with pride.

Anonymous said...

Mike, don't forget groups like Oathkeepers and a couple of others that have been accused of being domestic terrorist groups by the feds and the southern poverty law center. These groups have not only been providing security but also helping OWS document constitutional rights violations since the beginning of the protests.