Tuesday, November 08, 2011


Well it's finally here. Election Day 2011. What will the the electorate chose as we head into a new era in Kingston?

With five open seats on the Common Council, there is a guarantee of a majority of new faces. But what of the other four? Senor in Ward 8 is unopposed. The others face tough challengers. Will voters put up with Hoffay, Landi and Whitlock for another term, or will they go with the alternative? Just imagine Bob as the lone incumbent sitting there holding the title of Majority Leader. Funny.

Then there's the Kingston contingent of the Legislature. Congrats to Jeanette and Peter on their triumphant return. District 6 is a little more sketchy. With the four of us bananas running on different lines, no-one knows what the effect of my or Lenny's influence will have on the outcome. All I know is I had fun going to my faithful and placing signs this weekend.

Regardless of your political affiliation, get out there and vote today. Too many of our service men and women have bravely fought here and abroad so that we would have the rights we have today. Civic duty is a privilege. Don't waste the chance to exercise it.

BTW You can find me on either Row D or E.


Anonymous said...

I like the way you think. With the choices offered us in Kingston, I'd have to agree that we need all new blood. What has always struck me here is your sarcasm when writing about local issues. We know these people and continue to "put up" with them. Time to move on.


Larry Delarose said...

Mike, good luck today.

Larry Delarose

CarlChipman said...

Mike allthough we've been on different sides of issues a few times, I wish you the best for today. You are a dedicated public servant and have served your constituants well.

Anonymous said...

With the GOP still in control of the Legislature and the Exec's office, you may be the lucky one. Who wants to put up with all that nonsense?