Wednesday, November 30, 2011


The Ulster County Legislature had a public hearing on the Animal Abuse Registry this Tuesday evening. People convicted of animal abuse through the court process would be required to register with the Sheriffs department just as if they were on the sexual predator list.
Through decades of study, several organizations have found that there is a strong link between people who abuse animals and those who would do the same to other people. Usually leading to unspeakable crimes. This only moved members of the Legislature to act with more determination.
Anyone on such a list would be restricted from buying or even adopting domestic animals from dealers, shops, breeders or even through the shelters. Those who would be caught selling domestic animals without the proper background check could be fined up to $2,500 for each occurrence.

There is one note of resistance. PETCO is concerned with their staff being persecuted for selling feeder mice, gold fish and crickets because of this law and is asking that it be struck down. 
For a company that has no intention of ever coming to Ulster County, they are simply worried that if this passes, other counties will follow suit and their staff will have to actually know how to run a computer when selling one of their mill puppies.
I want to thank the team: Supervisor Carl Chipman, Legislators Kevin Roberts and Terry Bernardo for making this happen. I appreciate the passionate support from the public speakers and I'm thrilled that the Legislature is ready to make this a reality.


Anonymous said...

Interesting and a great idea but this is all we get out of two years of paying these clowns

Anonymous said...

Actually, plenty has been done. Most of which is normal nuts & bolts of government. Only when there is conflict or a titillating issue does the public even notice there is a Legislature.
This abuse registry is just one blip in a long year of redefining the new roll of the two branches on the 6th floor.
Get ready for a shameful budget fight in December.

Anonymous said...

We can only hope this legislation will be enforced and offenders do not fall through the cracks.