Thursday, November 24, 2011


One of the many thing we should be thankful for in this country is the freedom of the press. Especially when it comes to keeping records of where candidates stood on major issues in the past.
Newt Gingrich is in the spotlight this week now that he has emerged as the leading non-Romney for the Republican nomination. So of course he gets a deeper look for the next few days. As recent as 2002, Newt was a different animal when it came to those who should have control and where leadership should come from.
While debating with Ralph Nader, Speaker Gingrich said: "You had better be siding with the people enough that the people don't get so angry they take you apart, because in the end in this country, if you are deviant enough from the people... they will." Now I could easily send that out as the mission statement for Occupy Wall Street couldn't I?

Newt is also on the record saying the wealthiest Americans cannot be plutocrats because ultimately, the sentiments of the majority of Americans will win out.He also said he thinks corporations have too much power. I think the old Newt was right on target, don't you think?
During one such debate back in the "Other Newt" days, he said "I'd be very happy to get corporations out of politics. I think it'd be better for America if you had no union and corporate donations, but individuals could donate of their own after-tax income." 
It seems all the GOP candidates have had a turn switching their core values during the last decade. Freedom of the press allows us to review what was said and where. 
Whether Republican primary voters care about where their candidates stood earlier is up to them. I guess the next question is, who will be the next non-Romney challenger to the nomination?

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Anonymous said...

ENRON was the hotbutton issue of that day. Today you can replace those criminals with Banksters and inside traders. What's still the same is the people who gave themselves $100 million while defrauding their employees did so in a knowing way, then frankly ... as a general provision, that should be something which leads to prosecution.

You cannot defend capitalism if it is the ability of the rich and powerful to exploit, lie to, and rip off everybody who works for them or invests in them. There has to be a basic rule of honesty for capitalism to function.

The protesters, like Newt of the past, dont want a handout, they want fairness where small business is on the same playingfield as big business. Where those who do criminal acts, as these banksters have, should be penalized like any other criminal.

Newt has caved to the big money brokers who are running the whole GOP line-up. His stance today is no more faithful than any of his marriages. Will he be the nominee? NO