Tuesday, February 08, 2011


It's a good thing Ulster County negotiated with the towns for "Shared Services" when they did.


Anonymous said...

Very funny Michael! We're going to send you out there with a shovel if you keep making fun of the County.

Lou said...

Thanks Mike,

This is just too funny. I hope the city editor see this. All in good fun. As I had made a comment on one of his posts about snow remvoal and/or school closings on his blog.

Always nice to look at the lighter side of winter weather.

Although I live in DE. (and pay 75% less in taxes) I did travel to Kingston on Monday morning and left Tuesday afternoon(8Feb11). And woke up to two inches of snow while staying at the Holiday Inn. I was taking care of some stuff and had dinner with a close friend.

Point being 18 months after leaving NYS and Kingston. The intersection of the road to Kingston Plaza, Washington Ave, and Hurley Ave is still a washboard. I still can recall commenting to Ira at the Freeman about that on his blog last year.

And as I made the left turn from Washington Ave to Plaza road(8Feb11) there were more potholes than I have seen in a long time on the way to a diner at the end of Plaza road. I guess I am spoiled here in DE. Although not the topic of this post, here I am and many other visitors to Kingston coming off RT28 and I87 just to see the mess at that intersection. Not to mention the short light for the left turn. Oh, and did I mention the long traffic backup at around 0900hrs? And the lack of snow removal to the curbs.

As a side note here in central DE potholes are hard to find. I did find one this winter though. Yes, I know it is warmer. I got that, thanks.

Once again, I guess I could go on. No, I do not have a answer to the problem. I wish I did. But that intersection as a main artery to the City of Kingston should be better, I would think that the NYS DOT and the County of Ulster and the City of Kingston can figure this out. No, it does not take an act of Congress to solve this. Yes, there is alot more. And we all know that. It just goes on and on. Rights of way, money, taxes, politics, etc. The reasons just go on.

I feel what is lost here is the respect for the residents of Ulster County who live in the top 50 counties of the most expensive in "The United States of America".

The Real Estate Lady said...

I meant to comment on this pic the other day. Years ago I went to SFO to visit w/my brother & we went to Lake Tahoe for a skiing weekend [neither of us ski... lol] w/a group of his friends. We had a great time! I was amazed however at how high the snow was piled ~ it looked very tunnel like ~ just like this pic. It really freaked me out and being the tough NYCity chick I was [er, I am], his friends made fun of me for being afraid of a little snow. LOL! I cooked all weekend for the group and made the chili extra spicy which was great fun for a couple of the guys [er, for me] the next day on the slopes! :D

The Real Estate Lady said...

Oh and btw, I worked on Fair Street for awhile and while the snow removal is not the best in our fine City of Kingston, it's better than what has gone on in the boroughs of NYC. I [still] have family in Queens and the only way the snow 'was removed' is due to the rain this past weekend.

Cars were buried for three weeks, access to crosswalks and bus stops was nil. The snow was piled 3-4' high on and around every corner. I suppose the good news is the alternate side of the street parking was not in effect. *eyeroll*

Of course, Manhattan was fine ~ and fine in time for New Year's Eve ~ while the rest of the boroughs fended for themselves.

I digress, to me, the bigger issue in Kingston is parking for residents. Is there no way to have 'resident' stickers? It seems a bit unreasonable for tenants and landlords to park on pay meters, no? I mean, they are paying taxes, they paid for those meters and continue to pay the salaries of the meter readers.

Resident Parking Stickers for Kingston, please!