Monday, February 21, 2011


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Anonymous said...

Zimbabwe is a hotbed of alien activity. I'm shocked the History channel hasn't picked up on it. Mugabe has been chumming the waters for decades. Remember Hawkin's comments about the aliens being hungry? Well they are. Fresh blood draws them just like sharks. Doesn't a farmer reap first what he sows first? The lack of cellphones to document all the events there makes it low hanging fruit too. We need to get "Ufo Hunters" and "Ancient Aliens" in there in full force along with every other alien investigation asset worldwide. Governments around the world need to assess the clear and present threat to their populations. A thriving ufo tourist boom needs to be established. The Mugabe regime can no longer cover up what it has been hiding and the truth must be shown in pictures. Crop circles, ufo's and cattle mutilations are all commonplace there. On a local issue, Reynolds, it's theocracy. Forget your finger, it's a platform big enough to plant your whole ass on.