Friday, February 18, 2011


 Below is a press release by Jack Hayes, the Chair of Ulster County's Law Enforcement & Public Safety Committee:  
Pictured: Terry Gilbert, Nina Postupack, Brian Cunningham, Jack Hayes, Peter Brennan, Paul VanBlarcum & John Morrow
The Ulster County Security 
Working Group Making Progress 

The Ulster County Security Working Group was formed by the Law Enforcement and Public Safety Committee to review and assess the current state of personnel and building security at County Buildings. The Working Group was honored to have Peter Brennan, Director of Dow Jones Security at its February 10, 2011 meeting. Mr. Brennan is the former New York State Police Troop Commander of Troop K, Poughkeepsie, NY. Mr. Brennan, has agreed to assist the Working Group in updating County security.
Ulster County Sherriff Paul VanBlarcum has agreed to be the Lead Ulster County agency for planning and implementation of Best Practices. Member, Ulster County Clerk Nina Postupack, is providing extensive knowledge of the Ulster County Office Building and its operations.
The Working Group is fortunate to have security subject matter expert John Morrow as a member. Mr. Morrow has an extensive background in Security and Safety systems application. Deputy County Executive Robert Sudlow is acting as County Executive Michael Hein’s representative and liaison to County Departments. Administrative Manager Brian Cunningham of Ulster County Buildings and Grounds is providing Technical assistance. Thomas Turco and Vic Work of Ulster County Board of Elections and Terry Gilbert, President of the Ulster County Civil Service Employees Association, are also members.
The Working Group is presently in the preliminary stages of its assessment and is reviewing physical building plans and systems. Upon completion of the assessment the Working Group will issue its findings and recommendations.

For additional information contact:
845-633- 8733


Anonymous said...

Anther waste of taxpayers money! This county is pathetic!

Anonymous said...

Question? Do you guys have a committee to check on all your other committees?

Anonymous said...

Hayes is suppose to be a conservative but sure knows how to spend our money. How much is this going to cost us another 100 mil like the jail

Anonymous said...

Mike, Now they want to review the policies of a private rehab facility? Isn't that a job for the State? People complain about mandates, then they go and overstep their authority, duplicate efforts and complain about the cost of running Government.

The correct way would be to request the state to issue a report on the safety issues surrounding this place and others like it. Contact the state representatives and have them drive this.

No wonder nothing gets done at the County level, there are a group of people who do not know what their roles are.