Tuesday, February 01, 2011


I have pasted the letter that Jon Sennett sent to the Freeman below. His opinion is his own. However, considering he touched on many of the Legislative issues that a select few of us have continually harped on, I have to agree with him.

Dear Editor:
The recent controversy surrounding the Ulster County Resource Recovery Agency  is unrelated to the botched Ulster County Law Enforcement Center project, yet the citizens of this county see again a lack of accountability by the county Legislature. Worse yet, we see inaction by the district attorney on a matter of public integrity.

In the jail debacle, the Legislature immediately conducted a thorough probe and directed the district attorney to present the case to the grand jury. In the RRA controversy, the District Attorney’s Office is purposefully avoiding the public integrity matter and instead investigating only issues of alleged weapons possession and/or sexual harassment and misconduct.
The citizens of Ulster County deserve better and should demand more. Public integrity should be a priority for our district attorney, even if it means stepping on some political toes. While we await action from the district attorney, our Legislature should conduct an open and thorough probe. Moreover, I agree with the proposal to place administrative responsibility for the RRA in the hands of the county executive.

Seems someone has been following the recent RRA resolutions that are heading for the next Legislature meeting. Nice.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see the picture of Sennett and newly elected Attorney General Schneiderman. I hope that Mr. Schneiderman will take a look at the RRA, and maybe a look back at Lower Esopus River Watch. We need to bring the Fritschler case to trial.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Mr. Sennett would like to question why Mr. "I'm going to distance myself from the RRA" Roberts is holding the Governmental Administration meetings at the RRA office now. That's only one of ten departments reporting to his committee. When is someone going to stop this blatant madness!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Madsen, you should embed the video below on your website.

It is Sennett talking about Public Integrity. It would be nice if our current DA took Public Integrity as serious as Mr. Sennett does.


Anonymous said...

Public integrity is at the heart of the Cuoumo administratin also. Carnright has a very limited view of the responsibilities of the office of District Attorney.

Anonymous said...

Holly is a good old boy - look at the Jail investigation.