Sunday, February 20, 2011


If you are buying large quantities of automatic weapons along the southern border for the purpose of arming the Mexican drug cartel, you're in luck. 
The House voted to block the administration's attempt at implementing a mechanism to give the Fed the authority to track and catch gunrunners to Mexico. I know, it's one of the last items we make and export. So what gives?

Reports all over the internet confirm that the NRA was firmly opposed to restricting this export. I'm guessing they are protecting the Mexican 2nd Amendment too. Wait, do they have the same amendments?

Here's the point you're all going to love. This vote actually got bi-partisan support  and it was lumped in with all the other spending measures to keep the Gubmint runnin until September.

Now, you might think of Oklahoma as the source for such an amendment, but from a Democratic Congressman? Not so much. Enter: Dan Boren. Soon to be ex-Congressman of course. Once the DCCC gets done with him. 
His proposal  prohibits the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives from using federal money to require licensed firearm dealers to report multiple sales of assault weapons.  
About 35K people, [men, women & children] have been killed in Mexico since President Calderon took office. His administration implemented a sustained effort to eliminate violent drug-trafficking cartels. Bloodshed along the border is the result. To help with Calderon's effort, the Obama Administration proposed the rule requiring the 9,000 dealers just north of the border to alert authorities when they sell within five consecutive business days two or more semiautomatic rifles greater than .22 caliber with detachable magazines. Colderon is in favor of the proposal. 

Colderon is well aware that 65K of the guns recovered at village slaughters were traced back to US gun dealers. I'm expecting someone from the NRA to give us a good reason as to why we should ignore this mass sale phenomenon along the border. That clarification should come in the comments below.
There's a war going on right here on our continent and the main stream press is missing it entirely. You know it and I know it. When the CIA sanctioned arms sales in the 80's for human trade, the public went wild. Now we are simply ignoring the obvious because the task of securing the border is too great and we are embarrassed that the "war on drugs" has failed.
Making the access to semi-automatic WMDs more difficult to the Mexican Drug Cartel should be the minimum we do. 

The Senate must send this back to the House for repair.


Anonymous said...

Mexicans do have the same constitutional protections as us. Apparently you don't talk to Hinchey enough. If you want to speak to him I can tell you a nice little bistro he hangs out in. Ironically that is also where he can show you first hand the American Rights that illegal immigrants are entitled to.

Anonymous said...

You know what’s scary? Buying a semi-automatic weapon from gun show vendors requires less documentation than it takes from me to buy something online from, unreal.

This law would be potentially quite helpful to track narco-paramilitaries who may be purchasing high volumes of serious weaponry at one or multiple businesses. And given that there’s absolutely no “burden” to a small business to, I dunno, e-mail a couple of customers’ info to the ATF, it’s certainly worth the “cost” to aid investigation. I think Dan Boren needs his head examined.

Anonymous said...

And it would also help us track gun sales to tea baggers too.

Anonymous said...

Who cares 11:28. Hitler thought that was a good idea so it must be.