Sunday, January 09, 2011



Anonymous said...

The 9 year old, Christina Taylor Green, was the granddaughter of Major League manager Dallas Green. She was born on 9-11-01 and featured in a book as "Babies of Hope" after the terrorist attacks.

Anonymous said...

I have to ask the obvious question: If you're some deranged loner living in a basement, looking at and subscribing to NewsMax, which cablenews channel might you watch? MSNBC or FOX?

I certainly hope Roger tells his team to tone it down after this.

The Real Estate Lady said...

Thank you for posting, M. It was a very powerful comment and I cried through it watching as it aired. I want to hear it again as Keith succinctly expresses my exact thoughts and feelings on this matter in entirety.

Anonymous said...

I think we can all agree that anyone with half a brain has taken any such map. But looking back to the 2004 besides the "Wanted Dead or Alive" Poster for George Bush which was widely used by many left leaning special interest groups and anti-war groups, which is all Glen Beck and Sarah Palin are at this point.... unless you take her to be a serious candidate for president.

You have this one from the DNC site in 2004

More recently here is a targeted Republican map from the economic recovery fight,

with the detailed version here
which shows the info on the "targeted" republican.

And today on the Wall Street Journal site was a (reprint) editorial on Candidate's Obama call for Democrats to bring a Gun to a Knife fight with Republicans. Which was in a speech at a middle school in June 2008.

Don't know if these satisfy you or not. Maybe we can get into a debate next about which side burns better effigies? I just hope it doesn't degrade into a whose is bigger debate, because I am Irish and therefore at a disadvantage.

Either way I am pretty sure that we can agree that both sides have their own style of disgusting political speech and it is wrong on all accounts. Believe it or not I belong to a couple of very Liberal groups so around campaign time I see from both sides. But to try to pin the actions of some demented sick individual for political gain is just stupid and will end up backfiring when they dig into this guy some more.