Thursday, January 06, 2011


Being an elected official in New York, we get to hear about how screwed up the finances are here and California. The debt and mismanagement are usually uttered in the same sentence as regulations, unions and safetynet. 
Well I was shocked to hear that the third of the big three trouble states was Texas. That's one state I didn't expect to hear about and frankly, don't expect to hear about on one of the news channels.
Looking at the Internets, I see several mentions that the Texas Legislature is facing a $25 Billion budget deficit. It seems annual rituals of slashing programs, personnel and the means to fund them through taxation have finally caught up to them. Now, with operating costs going through the roof and nothing but default on the horizon, Texas is left with raising taxes as their only option.

Texas has an economy of over $1 Trillion. But they've boxed themselves in by slashing taxes for their wealthiest residents and businesses. I only bring this up because mainstream media will only harp on those states that lean Blue and suffering with exploding benefits and safetynet programs. It's a titillating theme for New cycles that have t sell advertising time.

If you compare the US to Europe, Texas would be our Ireland right now.
Ireland was once praised as a model for economic growth until a year ago. It was hailed for its pro-business, anti-tax, low-spending strategy, and signalled the new way forward for all of Europe. Where is Ireland now? Leading the way for Texas. 

Now I don't fault their Governor and Legislature for attempting this route of governing. Some philosophies are as rigid as some religions. They cant help it. With the GOP solidly in control of all things Texas, this is the direction they chose and the Texas taxpayers embrace the same ideals. 
What I do take issue with is that most news programs focus on New York and California as if their operating model is the only one suffering. That's all.

The debt in Texas has doubled since Governor Perry took office. He has been re-elected. What I want to know is if the rest of the country is willing to bail out Texas like the European Union is being asked of Ireland?


Anonymous said...

What you've pointed out here is that no single business mod can stand alone when the global economy is in such a mess and our national tariff structure is like it is.
On the other hand, Texas is. Testing ground for the ideal conservative state. The GOP wid like the whole country to mimic this model, where as we see now, has it's flaws.

Governor Perry is thinking about a 2012 run for the White House, the rest of the field is no different. True, you won't see this disaster discussed on FOX, but jt will be hard to ignore during a primary when the others tear him and Romney apart.

Anonymous said...

Ralph Hall of Texas has been given chair of the House Science Committee. Go ahead: Google him. This whack is a climate change denier and apologist to BP for thier abuse after their second spill.
This is what they're breeding in Texas. He too would bring the policies that are killing Texas to the whole country if he could. This is where he cut his political teeth.
These people have no shame. You need a soul to experience shame. Watch Texas implode and be thankful we are not there! Yet

ucinsider said...

What goes on inside the glass menagerie behind closed doors we will do our best to shed some light on who's pulling the strings, there are a few puppet masters, all of them manipulators come with us and find out who they are!