Friday, January 21, 2011


So, Let's talk about the Freeman Editorial regarding the RRA Board. The press is suggesting County Executive Michael Hein has exhausted his patience with the Legislature over this RRA Board appointment process and thinks it would be in better hands if it were under the purview of the Executive. 
Editorial staff suggests the Legislative leadership is unfit to handle the appointment process and have mismanaged the RRA since it's inception. I am not about to argue with that.

The last Board of the RRA did their job as they saw fit pertaining to the Bemis case. Members closest to the agency chose this time to replace those members who voted for his dismissal. Leaving the two who didnt remaining. Sweet! So what do we do?

Rather than bring in the State Attorney General, as some suggested, the leadership brings in our local District Attorney. Believe it or not, that report isn't due for a few more weeks. Good thing we kept it "in house", right? Ughh, I wish we weren't so incompetent.

The staff continued: The recent replacing of the very agency board members responsible for firing Bemis sent a very odd message to the community, especially given the entanglements of Legislature Chairman Fred Wadnola, R-Ulster, and Kevin Roberts, R-Wallkill. Former board members, Wadnola and Roberts claim to have neither seen nor heard of evil while Bemis was executive director.

I'll say it's odd to see an Editorial Board basically mimic the recent suggestions offered by a select few members of the Legislature who happened to submit such a resolution. The sharing of the power to appoint works so well in so many other areas, that it shocks me to hear any resistance to the idea.

The Bernardo-Zimet Resolution offers a shared appointment structure with a staggered service period. Those nominated by the Executive would then be approved by the Legislature. Sound familiar?
Without any surprises, this remains one of the big three issues facing the County in 2011: The RRA, Golden Hill and the district re-apportionment process. If we let this debacle define us as a governing body, we have no-one but ourselves for the lousy public perception of the County Government.


Anonymous said...

I reiterate from yesterday.....

I think it is a bad idea. Any time you take power away from the Legislature, you weaken that important level of Government. The ability for the Legislature to have some control over Government is crucial, abdicating that control is nothing short of asinine.

If the Legislature wants to roll over and let the Executive take over 100% then at least have the courage to say so publicly. I see nothing but a bunch of squabbling pantywaists these days. Buck up and fight back!

Anonymous said...

The local DA and judges politician first and foremost - look where the Jail charade investigation went. The DA office is bloated with assistants and public defenders collecting health insurance on the taxpayer's dime.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 7;31 but lets realize this legislature is lame. the worst since the legislature was formed, and the people on the street know it but also realize the executive is doing a good job so it doesn't matter. Lets not go to 23 legislators lets go to 13 it just a figure head position

Anonymous said...

No power is being taken away from the Legislature - they always confirmed appointees,and they will continue to confirm appointees

One might make the case that power is being transferred from the Chairman of the Legislature for the appointment, but isn't that what we voted for, and how every other appointment is made in this County? The executive appoints and the legislature confirms?

What is so dang special about the RRA? What is so beneficial to being the one to control the appointment process for the RRA? And why did they get rid of those whistling board members. Kudos to them. The tighter that this gang wants to hold on to this the more I wonder why? oh why?

Read all about what Jane.Ellen.Smith has to say and who she is...... said...

Anyone wondering why the attacks on Town of Esopus (Robin Yess' hometown) Legislator Laura Petit have been so viscious and why Robin Yess was the one to yank Bernardo as Chairman of the RRA oversight committee?

Click above on for the Daily Freeman story about the RRA, and read the comments, particularly the comments from Lots of insider information and an attack on Town of Esopus Legislator Laura Petit! Anyone wonder why she has so much information? She is not related to current RRA Board member Leon Smith. But who is she? She writes for “About Town” - here is some of her work.

Who is the owner of About Town?

Owner/Publisher: Vivian Wadlin

PO Box 474
New Paltz, NY 12561
Phone: 691-2089
Fax: 691-3931

And who is Vivian Wadlin?

Vivian Wadlin is Robin Yess’ aunt and Vivian Wadlin is married to JOHN WADLIN FORMER UCRRA BOARD MEMBER!

Thanks for the inside information Jane.Ellen.Smith!

Anonymous said...

You state: "The last Board of the RRA did their job as they saw fit pertaining to the Bemis case. Members closest to the agency chose this time to replace those members who voted for his dismissal. Leaving the two who didnt remaining. Sweet! So what do we do?"
First thing we do Mike is get our facts straight! The three board members did not get re-appointed. Their appointments were up. Three new members were appointed. The other two board members terms were not up.
Resolution No. 307 December 21, 2010. It's on the county website.
The vote was AYES: 28 NOES: 3
(NOES: Legislators Petit, Sweeney and Zimet) Funny Madson wasn't a no. Hummm...

Mike Madsen said...

Leadership made it quite clear in caucus this was done. The desire to postpone the appointments was dead and I happen to know & trust two of the new board members.
The issue was the process, not the choices.
Task at hand is what to do in the future.

Anonymous said...

You call that leadership? You have very low expectations I see. Wadnola, Hansut, Ronk, Provenzano and Sheeley couldn't lead a parade down Broadway without guidance from someone else.

Anonymous said...

Dear Get Your Facts Straight. Yes you are correct that the three whistle blowers' appointments were up BUT they could have been reappointed. Not one of them was asked. And it was unclear which one of the three had an unfinished term because no three UCRRA Board members should be appointed at any time. The Legislature should look at absorbing UCRRA operations into their DPW and having them report to the County Comptroller's office like Westchester and Sullivan Counties. End of politics.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more with the sentiments of 10:16PM. The RRA has been, and continues to be, a political football. I'd go a step further and petition the state legislature to dissolve this agency which simply sets up another level of government. Assume it into the DPW or sell it to a private carter and get out of the garbage business.