Monday, January 10, 2011


In recent months, we've had plenty of fun chatting amongst ourselves about FourLoko and the fight with the FDA. A number of us went out and sampled the drink with little praise for the taste. Obviously people werent seeking the drink for it's delicious attributes.  
The FDA eventually cracked down on the sale of the energy drink as more people reported falling violently ill after consummation.This lead to a ban on sales in most places. Those who still had large stock of the drink saw a mad rush of sales by the case load.
The company that made the drink still has millions of gallons of the stuff. What could they possibly do with it? Well, necessity is the mother of invention right? A Virginia recycling plant comes to the rescue. 

MXI Enterprises in Abingdon, VA is taking all the Loko it can get and turning it into Ethanol. Retailers who chose to stop selling the drink over the counter are sending the unopened cans by the truckload and getting some amount of compensation for it.
For those who dig recycling efforts locally and globally, you'll be happy to know they are sending all the aluminium cans to the proper facilities.
Now what do we do with all the FourLoko addicts on the streets?

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Anonymous said...

If I recall; the chatter about FourLoko was between Lajara, you and some others. He was and still is researching this toxic swill. Can you really still get this rocket fuel at the beer cave?