Tuesday, January 04, 2011


 Let me first say, Congratulations Fred Wadnola on his re-election to the position of Ulster county Legislature Chair. It was a hard fought battle, but you came out on top. Well done.

So, having gotten that out of the way, let me say that the Tuesday evening session of the Legislature was very tense. I got to the sixth floor with a sense that anything could happen since Terry Bernardo's name was in everyone's mind as a potential candidate for Chair.

The real thrill was watching the Republicans heading for the elevator after Finance, to have their special caucus on the third floor. They seemed dishevelled as if no-one knew what they were heading for. One of my colleagues jokingly said to me "They're heading to another floor because there are fewer eyes and ears down there."

When asked in the Democratic caucus if there were opinions regarding the Chairman's race, not much was said except that it was nice that the Republicans were fighting like they were downstairs. Then we decided to leave the voting until session.  
So they marched in, sat amongst us Democrats and proceeded with the nomination of Fred. Nominated by Jim Maloney (R-Ulster) who said Fred Wadnola is the most honest and transparent of the members of the Legislature and urged all of us to join in unanimously to make him Chair. 
He was Second by Peter Loughran (D-Kingston) who echoed what Jim said but added that his friendship went way back and that he respected his honesty and willingness to work bi-partisan manor as Chairman.

The quiet few seconds when Temp-Chair Rich Gerentine asked if there were any other nominations seemed like an eternity. Finally the nominations were closed and Fred was escorted up to his coveted chair.

What was said among the Republican majority members during the last few days must have been unnerving because it put a few people on notice that things aren't as Hunky Dory as they may have thought. Our caucus could have really made a mess of this had there been another nominee. I think they knew it.
  I wrote about the cancellation of all January meetings for the Legislature in a prior post. Some of the Committee chairs came in and let their desire to keep their scheduled meetings be known to the Chairman where he said "Fine. Whatever. Have at it!" Walter Frey (R-Saug) didn't show up, so what happens to the Health Committee this month is anyone's guess.
Your tax dollars at work.


Anonymous said...

Walter Frey is too busy getting ready to take his shoe in job as Business Development Director at UCDC a job for which he, as a Human Resource Administrator, is completely and utterly unqualified for. But that's how we do things here in Ulster County, who cares a bout stinkin qualifications. Frey "did the right thing" by selling out Golden Hill for Hein, and will get his reward!

Anonymous said...

Guess we get them same in 2011 from this Legislature on both sides nothing. All they want to do is collecet the monthly pay check what ashame.

Anonymous said...

Wadnola is part responsible but the rest of the legislature is just as responsible because tghey did nothing all year. wadnola as chair oversees the body should be doing the working part bernardo included. THROW THEM ALL OUT

Anonymous said...

This disgusts me. Please make an update that gets this mans face off of your blog.

Anonymous said...

It's ashame Bernardo didn't get enough support from her fellow legislators to be elected Chairperson. It will be the same poor leadership now for another year while the good ole boys from the south run the County into the ground

Anonymous said...

Isn't Wadnola from the North country?